“Israel First” – Behold Trump’s True Foreign Policy

President Trump ran his presidential campaign under the slogan of “America First”. In his inaugural speech he stated that his “America first” approach ushers a new decree; a new vision of governing the US, and a new foundation for every single decision he will make to benefit only Americans.

He reiterated this slogan in many of his speeches including his address at the UN General Assembly.

By Dr. Elias Akleh

Listening to Trump’s speeches emphasizing his “America first” policy I could not help but be reminded of the Nazi slogan “Deutschland über alles”: Germany above all. Yet later, it became obvious to many that Trump’s “American first” policy is actually “Israel first” policy on the expense of American tax payers, and breaking many international laws.

As a present to his Zionist Jewish $100 million campaign donor; Sheldon Adelson, and under the threat of Mueller’s investigation to expose Trump’s laundering money for Ukrainian Jewish mafia, Trump recognized Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel in violation of all international laws and agreements. He also closed the Palestinian office in Washington, withdrew American funds from UNRWA and UNESCO accusing both international organizations of anti-Israel bias, and diverted the funds to Israel. Immediately after that Mueller’s report came out to clear Trump as a reward.

Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal and imposing economic sanctions against Iran came as a free gift to Israel. On top of that He designated Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization.

Trump’s administration is applying severe economic sanctions and tremendous political pressure against Iran accusing it of attacking oil tankers and threatening the marine security in the Gulf. The administration is trying to form an international Gulf security coalition to limit Iranian control over the oil-rich Persian Gulf.

In March 2019 Trump signed presidential proclamation recognizing Syrian Golan Heights as Israeli territory although admitting that Israel took control of the Golan Heights by illegal force to safeguard internal security from external threats.

Similar logic would grant Arab countries such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt the right to take control of parts of Israel to safeguard their own internal security from external threats by terrorist Israel, who keeps attacking these countries.

History shows that “Israel first” had been the policy of successive American administrations since President Harry Truman, who voted in 1948 in the UN for the creation of terrorist Israel on occupied Palestinian land. All successive administrations, except John Kennedy’s, had adopted the Israel first policy, even though Israel assassinated American politicians, attacked American assets, spied on American facilities, stole American technology and nuclear material.

Zionist Israeli Jews assassinated three political members of the Kennedy family. President John Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to expose the Federal Reserve (not really Federal but Zionist Jewish financial bankers, who create and print American money out of thin air) and to create new monetary system. He also attempted to expose the illegal Israeli nuclear weapons program. Robert Kennedy was assassinated because he was following the steps of his brother John.

The private plane of John F. Kennedy Jr. was targeted killing him, his wife and his sister-in-law to stop him from exposing the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, then Israeli Prime Minister, in his political magazine “George”, and for his relentless effort to investigate the murder of his father.

Israel had intentionally attacked the USS-Liberty ship killing 34 marines and wounding 171 others even after identifying it as American. Targeting the ship with napalm bombs the Israeli goal was to incriminate Egypt of the attack in order to get the US to attack Egypt. The ship, though did not sink and called for rescue. Shame on then President Lyndon Johnson and his Secretary of Defense McNamara, who ordered rescue planes recalled twice because “we are not going to embarrass an ally.”

This led Admiral Thomas Moorer to pose the key question “Did our government put Israel’s interests ahead of our own?”

Joan Mellen’s book “Blood in the Water: How the U.S. and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty” describes the attack as a deliberated collaborative attack by Israel and the United States, whose purpose was to provide a satisfactory pretext for launching retaliatory strikes against Egypt with the primary objective of destabilizing the Egyptian Government and removing Gamal Abdul Nasser from power.

Israel has a long history of spying on the US, its politicians and citizens. Israeli Amdoc software was caught spying on the land lines phones of every American. Israeli cyber organizations such as Act.il are also spying on American cell phones and social media websites.

Citing national security risk recently Trump added Huawei and its 5G networks, the Chinese telecom group, to the trade blacklist. This action came to restrict competition to Israel’s spying apps infesting the Android operating system which is a higher security risk to all Americans. Such action had backfired since Huawei has develop its own app store competing against Apple app store.

According to a 4 parts investigation by Fox News anchor Brit Hume in 2001, US intelligence agencies report that the government of Israel have been conducting the most aggressive espionage operations against the US of any US ally. The story of former Zionist Jewish American navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard is very well known to many. Crimes of Israeli spying on the US are numerous to mention in this article. Here are few others.

Israel had also stole American nuclear material and technology to build its own nuclear bombs. The Apollo Affair exposed one of such thefts. In this video lecture nuclear engineer Dr. Roger Mattson details who and how Israel stole 287 kg (600 pounds) of American weapon-grade nuclear material. It is worth stopping the video to read Mattson’s informative slides. One can also read Mattson’s book about this theft titled “Stealing the Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel.

If Israel’s theft of American nuclear technology and material is not offensive enough to the American politicians, then how about Israel selling this technology to American foes; China is one example. With friends like Israel who needs enemies.

After seventeen years of the 911 attacks there is no doubts in the minds of many, except in those of the real conspirators and the gullible Americans, that Israel did attack the US. All the research and expert analysis lead to this fact. There are many books and videos about the subject confirming that Israel did 911.

The five dancing and 60 other Israelis arrested and released by the authorities had confessed on Israeli TV that they were documenting the attack, implying advanced knowledge of the impending attack. Suffice it to watch PressTV interviewing the most censored man in the US Dr. Alan Sabrosky; a US marine corps veteran, former director of studies at the US Army War College, advisor on national and international security affairs at CSIS (Center for Strategic International Studies), and receiver of Superior Civilian Service Award among many other titles.

The big elephant in the room that the majority of American politicians are ignoring is Israel’s control over the president, over the Congress, over the Senate, over major media outlets, and specifically over American foreign policy in the Middle East through its rich Zionist arm of AIPAC.

For generations every Congress member had been forced to sign an Israel loyalty pledge in order to get campaign funding and support, otherwise an opponent would get all the funding. AIPAC’s funding and influence over Congress guarantees the adoption of pro-Israeli laws even when they contradict the American constitution, contradict American interests, and harm America globally. Watch the video of 21 presidential candidates for the 2020 election pandering to Israel when asked about Israeli war crimes and human rights violations.

During an interview on the Richie Allen Show (forward counter to 12:37) former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney declared that AIPAC is in total control of the US Government.

She stated that she, like every other Congress member, was asked to sign a pledge to support Israel’s military superiority, financial aid, Jerusalem as capital of Israel among others even before sworn in as a Congress member. She explained that any Congress member, who does not sign the Israeli pledge is politically persecuted, criticized by the media, and does not get funded while her/his opponent gets all the necessary funding. In 2011 McKinney dared to expose the fact that US lawmakers are forced to support Israel, and that both political parties; Democrats and Republicans, are controlled by AIPAC’s money.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s book “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy” explains clearly that any politician, who dares to display insensitivity or hostility towards the influence of Israel of its AIPAC over the congress, will be subjected to an aggressive orchestrated campaign of propaganda and defamation similar to what happened to Senator Charles Percy from Illinois in 1984.

Not until recently when independent newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar criticized AIPAC’s power over Congress members that political groups and independent media started talking about the issue and came to support Omar.

RT-America TV broadcaster Rick Sanchez blasted Israel loyalty oath sweeping the US. He explains that there is no law that prohibits American citizens from criticizing, boycotting America and even burning her flag, but a long standing American teacher has been fired from her government job because she refused to sign Israel loyalty oath. He criticized the pervasive Israel loyalty oath legislation that had been enacted by 26 states as unconstitutional.

Israeli leaders are aware of Zionist influence over American presidents. Washington Report reported on October 3rd, 2001, that then Israeli prime minister; Ariel Sharon yelled at Shimon Peres; the foreign minister, “Don’t worry about American pressure, we, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Also The Washington Post reported Israeli prime minister Netanyahu once boasted to settlers that “America is a thing you can move very easily.”

Controlling and moving America Zionists easily did especially after the election of a mentally sick President Trump as elaborated in Bob Woodward’s book “Fear; Trump in the White House”. Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward analysis. With the cooperation of Dr. Bandy Lee; an internationally recognized expert on violence, and an assistant clinical professor at Yale school of medicine, 72 psychiatrists and mental health experts authored the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” warning Americans about Trump’s dangerous mental health. Watch C-SPAN broadcasting speeches of many mental health professionals, politicians, and scholars in the World Mental Health Coalition Conference stating deep concern about Trump’s mental health problem.

Despite the fact that the American national debt was guesstimated at $24.56 trillion at the end of FY 2018 and is expected to rise more than $2 trillion from the day Trump took office, despite the budget cuts in all the basic services; education, health, housing, infrastructure, crises management …etc., American administrations have been militarily and financially supporting Israel on every level.

US gives Israel $3 billion every year in direct aid at the beginning of the fiscal year. This money is taken as a loan, whose interest is paid by American tax money. The first Senate bill of 2019 proposes to pay Israel a minimum of $38 billion over the next 10 years. This means $23,000 per Israeli family of four, while American families get only the bill.

Every 5 years the Congress renews a Memorandum of Understanding with Israel whereby the US guarantees all Israel’s oil needs in event of a crisis. This Memorandum was signed by then Secretary of State; Henry Kissinger in 1975 committing the US to build and maintain a strategic oil reserve for Israel, even to the extent of creating shortages for American citizens. The US also guarantees the delivery of this oil in its own tankers.

When it comes to Israel successive American administrations are ready to break all the rules, all the laws, create, armed, financed and support all kinds of terrorist organizations, violate the rights of any country that may stand against the expanding terrorist Zionist project; Greater Israel. These administrations are even violating the rights of their own American citizens for the sake of Israel.

Every day more and more Americans come to agree with courageous Lee Whitnum; former 4th District Congressional Candidate, who exposed AIPAC’s influence during a television debate stating “we are hated worldwide because of our support to Israel.”

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab-American from Palestinian descent. His family was evicted from Haifa, Palestine after the 1948 Nakba when Zionists stole his family’s property. Then the family was evicted again from the West Bank during the 1967 Naksah, after Zionists again, occupied the rest of Palestine. eMail: eakleh@ca.rr.com

The Great Conundrum is that most of the Americans today believe that they have no other alternative to the Democrats other than this Israel stooge. How can the beacon of freedom and democracy is mired in such a mess as it is today?

What do you think is its best way out?

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

21 thoughts on ““Israel First” – Behold Trump’s True Foreign Policy”

  1. A lot of what is written here is true, but as far as Kennedy´s assassination is concerned, the truth is that his “death sentence” was the result of the fact that he rejected the weird plans of the warmongers in the Deep State, manifested in the “Operation Northwoods”!
    „USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“ http://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/usa-and-israel-the-helpless-giant-and-his-mad-dog-are-there-more-dirty-secrets/

  2. The REALLY “Strange” thing about ISRA-HELL, is that the ORIGINAL Occupants in that country were ALL MELANIN BLACK RACE PEOPLE…Not ONE tribe of them was WHITE.
    Israel as a nation is Total FRAUD!
    What that nation Actually represents is nothing more than just plain old WHITE SUPREMACY… On Steroids!
    VERY SOON to be Exposed by the “Cosmic Melanin Beings” who are now “Arriving” and are “Awakening” Their ORIGINAL Creation…The HU-Man BE-ings.

    1. They were written as Israelites living in Palestine, living in Canaan, living all over this world. The Amorites took some as slaves, but many fled to the western shores of Palestine to avoid the confrontation of the Amorites. But who were the Amorites? By the way what is mean’t when it is written in the scriptures ‘The ends of the Earth”?

      1. @ Shaplemau
        Did you ever get a copy of those books I suggested about the ORIGINS of Both Christianity & Islam; by Dr. Walter Williams???
        Because they EXPOSE the whole concept about RELIGION, including ALL the so-called “Holy Books”.
        Also you should research the subject SAMBO (8 parts), or condensed version witch EXPOSES WHERE ALL Those books are actually based on.
        If You are an Avid Minister of the bible You SHOULD See this as OBVIOUS!
        YIKES!…I was Shock How ACCURATE those “Carved-In-Stone” Revelations are about OUR Future…Made 100’s of thousands years ago…LONG BEFORE ANY SO-CALLED HOLY BOOKS.
        The “Catch” is OBVIOUSLY they were “Carved Into Stone” by the “Divine Melanin Creators” of the Cosmos (Universe)
        The SAME creators whole Blessed Earth’s most ANCIENT Race they “Seeded” on this planet with such divine “Abilities” to build in WAYS, even TODAYS Tech Cannot Match.
        They are “Returning” to “Restore” Their ORIGINAL Creation.

    2. Yes the things they ‘wrote in stone’ as to how HUMAN consciousness is played out to be fulfilled and how those with out it will try and suck all life out of those with it, or as I think is a soul.. and BOY do we see that nowadays with these Lizard braindead inhuman’s wanting to own the world as a dead robotic AI led Dystopian husk of a place..

  3. One would want to follow this fellow on youtube as everything is exposed. The question is;- ” Do you want to carry on living in this fake reality built on lies OR are you going to be part of that growing populace that are making those much needed changes now”? This is recognising the fraud and not repeating it.

    1. There ARE those Already HERE among us that HAVE the ancient “Knowledge” of the Original Creators Built into them…They already have been for a VERY long time, because THEY NEVER Die.
      ONLY THEY will restore DIVINE JUSTICE (Not Just-Us) On this planet…Because the MAN-Kind (Avatars)versions will be Removed.
      MOST of these divine beings have been at work at Exposing the Fraud already, and for a long time.

      1. Ooooh I almost forgot to add this link about Ancient Knowledge about HUMANITIES Past and Future…”Written-in-Stone”

        Don’t be surprised if the link doesn’t connect….Understand???

      2. Very true kennyboy, and I am doing my best in playing catch up, BUT, also to spread what I learn/find to hopefully awaken others.
        You have been one of many that has given me some answers of the many that I search for. Knowledge that can set mankind or rather humankind free.
        For that I am grateful, and to media outlets such as Covert Politics.
        I have every faith that we will get there for it is prophesied.

      3. Regarding your second post on Humanities I was rather confused when our Creator decided to flood this world to rid it of all sinners and told Noah to build an Ark. I went on to find that Noah built this ark and included a room for King OG?? However King Og went on to lie on the front of the Ark during the course of the 40 days and 40 nights and finally after the flood waters receded jumped off and thence occupied the land of Bashan where he formed his own tribe which eventually was defeated in battle by Moses. Now why would the Creator have allowed this?

  4. And yet, few can acknowledge that the 1.73% virus actually controls things. One, point, seventy-three percent! Less than 2.00% control things, utilizing wealth and power stolen from us, We the People.


    1. K.Chris C.
      The people are unknowingly giving them their power in everything we/they do. They have, we have all been hoodwinked at some time and many still give them their power, we have signed our rights over to them. When we realise this fact then it will all change.
      So do we start making those changes now?
      First is to take back your consent to them regarding your own power, then you stop supporting their system in every way possible.
      Irrespective of what choices we make the prophecies will be lived out. Do you choose up or do you choose down? Even the angels were given choices and some chose down…

      1. But zionism(and all related to it) is not the only problem in this world is it?What about a world being run by the socialist globalists(Onu,Cfr,bilderberg etc etc)or the islamic totalitarians?are those better worlds?Don´t think so.

      2. Rick2012
        That would be choosing down now wouldn’t it?
        Think about the options, there is only one……

  5. @Shaplemau
    I stopped BELIEVING in the bible once I discovered is was “Man-made” an dis NOT even HIS-storically accurate…Let alone the REAL-Story accurate.
    Those books I suggested prove that beyond doubt.
    ALL “Original Humanity” ALREADY HAD a “Connection” to Divine Melanin Creators thus needed NOTHING more.
    How do you think those “Indigenous” people were so MUCH more ADVANCED than the people of today???
    MAN-Kind, NEVER had that “Connection” and thus created a book supposedly “Inspired” by a WHITE god???
    And RIGHT-On…There is Only ONE “Option”!

  6. @Rick2012
    Here is WHY the Chinese “System” will Never work either, because THEY are NOT part of the ORIGINAL Chinese people.
    African Presence in Early Asia; by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.

    1. Here is also a youtube video of evidence of black indigenous folk living in Asia before the Chinese.

  7. Well who would have THUNK it of TRUMP..
    The first thing he did after being signed into the WH was to rush off to Israel to get his directions and dictates, and he has been grovelling and bending over for rottenchilds inhuman’s ever since,
    I am so glad he it draining the swamp, I just hope I live long enough to see any of it..assuming he will be placed and S elected back into the WH for the next 4 year farce.

    1. TRUMP….Is PART of the “Swamp”…Remember???
      One cannot be “Selected” unless They ARE Part of it.

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