Britain Has As Much Blood on its Hands as the Worst Dictatorships

All Western media networks, broadcast and online, are now focusing on the China-Hong Kong oppression narrative, and purposely silent about the massive protests against the Deep State’s plan to privatize healthcare and school systems in Honduras .

Western media are now speculating that China is readying a Tienanmen Square type of operation, which shamed China for decades, in order to deal with the Hong Kong protests that really has the CIA flavor for violent occupation of vital economic infrastructures.

Major social media networks have also deleted independent accounts discussing China’s side of the Hong Kong protests. Worst of all, major influencers‘ accounts are also being deleted without warning even if the posts were mostly apolitical.

The US, on the other hand, is ready to use all means to remove the unwanted socialist governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba from power in order to achieve full control over Latin America, the Russian GRU chief Igor Kostyukov has warned.

All of these aggressive efforts rest on controlling the narrative as one of the main pillars of Western hegemony and power grabs, and based on independent historical accounts, some Western regimes have as much blood on their hands as the worst genocidal dictators that have ever lived, including those who are worshiped as heroes.

Winston Churchill has as much blood on his hands as the worst genocidal dictators, claims Indian politician

An Indian politician has put Winston Churchill in the same category as some of “the worst genocidal dictators” of the 20th century because of his complicity in the Bengal Famine.

By Maya Oppenheim Friday 8 September 2017 12:30 @mayaoppenheim

Dr Shashi Tharoor, whose new book Inglorious Empire chronicles the atrocities of the British Empire, argued the former British Prime Minister’s reputation as a great wartime leader and protector of freedom was wholly miscast given his role in the Bengal famine which saw four million Bengalis starve to death.

In 1943, up to four million Bengalis starved to death when Churchill diverted food to British soldiers and countries such as Greece while a deadly famine swept through Bengal.

During an appearance at the Melbourne writers’ festival broadcast by ABC, the Indian MP noted Churchill’s orders related to Australian ships carrying wheat at Indian docks.

“This is a man the British would have us hail as an apostle of freedom and democracy, when he has as much blood on his hands as some of the worst genocidal dictators of the 20th century,” he said to applause.

He added: “People started dying and Churchill said well it’s all their fault anyway for breeding like rabbits. He said ‘I hate the Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion’.”

Dr Tharoor, a former Under-Secretary of the UN, also gave an extensive description of British colonial exploitation and annihilation of traditional Indian industries such as textiles which reduced it to “a poster child of third world poverty” by the time the British left in 1947.

He said the “excuse that apologists [of British empire] like to make is, it’s not our fault, you just missed the bus for the industrial revolution. Well, we missed the bus because you threw us under its wheels.”

This is not the first time Dr Tharoor has voiced his frustrations about the way Churchill is remembered by the history books. In March, he argued the former PM who led Britain to victory in World War Two should be remembered alongside the most prominent dictators of the twentieth century.

“This [Churchill] is the man who the British insist on hailing as some apostle of freedom and democracy,” the author told UK Asian at a launch for his book. “When to my mind he is really one of the more evil rulers of the 20th century only fit to stand in the company of the likes of Hitler, Mao and Stalin”. He added:

“Churchill has as much blood on his hands as Hitler does. Particularly the decisions that he personally signed off during the Bengal Famine when 4.3 million people died because of the decisions he took or endorsed.”

Between 12 and 29 million Indians died of starvation while it was under the control of the British Empire, as millions of tons of wheat were exported to Britain as famine raged in India. In 1943, up to four million Bengalis starved to death when Winston Churchill diverted food to British soldiers and countries such as Greece while a deadly famine swept through Bengal.

“Not only did the British pursue its own policy of not helping the victims of this famine which was created by their policies. Churchill persisted in exporting grain to Europe, not to feed actual ‘Sturdy Tommies’, to use his phrase, but add to the buffer stocks that were being piled up in the event of a future invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia”.

“Ships laden with wheat were coming in from Australia docking in Calcutta and were instructed by Churchill not to disembark their cargo but sail on to Europe,” he added. “And when conscience-stricken British officials wrote to the Prime Minister in London pointing out that his policies were causing needless loss of life all he could do was write peevishly in the margin of the report, ‘Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?'”

Dr Tharoor first rose to prominence after his heartfelt speech at Oxford Union, discussing the economic toll British rule took on India, in July 2015 went viral. –

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13 thoughts on “Britain Has As Much Blood on its Hands as the Worst Dictatorships”

  1. This is but a thread of a much longer series of outright “convenient ommissions” re: Churchill
    Of particular note is the well documented evidence that Churchill was offered by Germany a plausible and by many accounts very acceptable exit opportunity to WWII, I believe prior to the start of the Battle of Britain and America’s entry to the war effort. An early end to WWII that would have surely contained the massive carnage that added the many additional years of war. The details are out there outlining this ignored opportunity for peace by Churchill and only adds to the already unacceptable and purposefully hidden profile of this man. Interesting is that although documented evidence of his behaviour provide at minimum a very solid case against Churchill…it is kept under the surface of his hero persona with applond?

    1. @Jacques
      That’s a very likely probability given the Actual “Relationship” the so-called “Royal Family’s relationship to Germany (Windsors)
      BUT, The “Globalist” had Much Bigger plans for their “Manifest Destiny” WHITE Supremest goals.
      The VATICAN wants to play God on Earth here, and since ALL Governments are “IN-Corporated” into their “Mother”…They are under obligation to perform for her…Understand?
      Churchill was a known “Lush”, so that scenario was plausible.

    2. So correct you are Jacques that it was not once but four times that Hitler asked Churchill for peace. The most surprising was after the ‘allied forces’ had been driven off the continent and sent sailing back to the UK again when Hitler again pledged for peace. Churchill did so much more than that in his younger days too. An evil man at the very least..

      1. Like I have been saying All Along…ALL THE EVIL, Is Caused by WHITE Supremest who “Invaded” Humanity Long Ago in an Attempt to be “Worshiped” by as if they are gods…Remember those books I told you about???
        The Historical Origins of Christianity & Islam???
        Find a copy and SEE for yourself!

  2. And! AND!!! AND!!! Those “White Supremest” are Now Worried about MIGRATION?!?
    Guess They Forgot all about the saying = WHAT-GOES-AROUND-COMES-AROUND….Huh?
    This Indian guy KNOWS…about THAT Huh?
    Its just as ONE White man Admitted (Timothy Wise) WHITE people are Both SOCIALPATHIC & PSYCHOPATHIC!
    WHAT kind of people TALKS about all the wrongs THEY have done to other races…Yet DO NOTHING ABOUT THEM…NOT EVEN “REPARATIONS”!!!
    AND…They have Stolen Sooooooooooo MUCH wealth they could WIPE-OUT Poverty by ENFORCING THE LAW ENACTED SHORTLY BEFORE 9/11…CALLED “NESARA/GESARA”!

    1. No, the migration is another farce kennyboy, this is just presented in politics to create fear again in the public. The bigger picture is to create a one world race where all are the same colour and have the same belief systems with no nationality. It was a plan suggested many decades ago which makes the sheep easier to ‘manage’. The ruling ‘elite’ will continue to be colour coded to show their authenticity 😦

      1. OoooH I am “Aware” they would love to attempt to HIDE what they have done to HU-Manity via “Blending-In”.
        But ya see Shaplemau…The “Divine Melanin Beings” cannot be Fooled…Understand WHY???
        NO!…Real JUSTICE will prevail!
        No such thing as “Secrecy” to the Divine Beings!

      2. You NEED to watch the dvd entitled: “Out of Darkness” Shaplemau…Where that “Tactic” is Exposed for WHAT it really means…WE-ARE-ON-TO-IT…Have been for a LONG time now….Like I said…There is NO SECRECY among “Divine Beings”

    2. No, kennyboy they are not worried about immigration. This is their plan, originating decades ago. It plans to have a world population of the same colour and the same nationality. It makes us the same and easier to control.
      Them( the elitists) will remain colour coded to show that they are the authentic being a primary colour if you know what I mean.
      I will look it up again and let you know what this plan was called.

      1. You see the ancient Greeks Started the Mess this planet is involved with 1000’s of years ago by their “Insistence” to be worshipped as gods from the “Coptic Egyptians”,
        It took a LONG period of for them to accomplish it, but they achieved their goal by the time they morphed into the Roman empire where through a series of councils (assemblies) where they were able to FORCE Their will onto EVERYONE worldwide by the institution (Corporations) now called “The Vatican” or the Roman Catholic Church.
        Ever since then they have been attempting to “White-Out” the ORIGINAL Coptic “Spiritual” Beings of ancient Egypt…and Still are at it today via “White Supremacy” tactics represented by False Christianity worshipping a False White god (The pope)
        All this BS is being Exposed Daily, and has almost No time left to exist.
        Good Ridence!

      2. This is what they call it kennyboy,
        The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe
        Look it up, but you already understand its purpose.

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