Putin Warned Bush About Impending Attack 2 DAYS Before 9/11

Russian President Vladimir Putin had called his US counterpart George W. Bush two days before the 9/11 attacks in 2001, warning about an imminent terrorist plot coming from Afghanistan, a former CIA analyst has revealed.

The urgent warning coming from the Russian leader is mentioned in the book ‘The Russia Trap: How Our Shadow War with Russia Could Spiral into Nuclear Catastrophe,’ released earlier this week and written by George Beebee, a senior Bush-era CIA analyst.

Putin had telephoned President Bush two days before the attacks to warn that Russian intelligence has detected signs of an incipient terrorist campaign, ‘something long in preparation,’ coming out of Afghanistan.

The revelation by the former CIA operative appears to be yet another proof that Washington has been repeatedly warned about the attacks that ultimately happened on September 11, 2001.

While the existence of a warning from Moscow has been public knowledge for years – senior Russian intelligence officials spoke about them shortly after the attacks – Beebee’s book suggests that it was not limited to exchange between the intelligence agencies, and that Bush was warned by Putin personally.

In addition to Russia, the US had been reportedly warned by the British spies, and the danger of impending attacks had been repeatedly highlighted by both the CIA and the FBI. Whether the White House actually heeded those warnings and did everything it could to protect its citizens still remains a mystery. 

Some hints at the mindset of the White House officials at the time are contained in the memoirs of Condoleezza Rice, then national security advisor and later secretary of state.

In ‘No Higher Honor,’ Rice confesses that she dismissed an earlier warning from Putin about Saudi-funded extremists in Pakistan that he said would eventually cause a “major catastrophe.”

Rice wrote that she dismissed the warning and “chalked it up to Russian bitterness toward Pakistan for supporting the Afghan mujahideen” during the Soviet Union’s war in Afghanistan.


That was 19 years ago.

Today, Putin has offered not just intelligence information to Trump, but Russian arms to assure America that the Russians are not in it for conquest.

Unfortunately, those same advances in defense are being used by the US as a pretext to resume the arms race after it has bolted out from the INF Treaty. That’s one more proof that Trump is also serving the arms industry, just like all of his predecessors.

The rest of the world though is now ready to take it to the next level, and is leaving the West behind with an impending recession. This is the reason why Trump doesn’t seem to have a coherent strategy on how to deal with China.

The US-China trade war is not just about commerce, but a bulk of it is geopolitics. A lot of it has to do with Deep State’s interests in the Middle East and Latin America. That explains why a decisive deal between the two countries is not forthcoming.

What this means is that the US is its own enemy, and all Americans are paying for all its caprices.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

22 thoughts on “Putin Warned Bush About Impending Attack 2 DAYS Before 9/11”

  1. “Russian President Vladimir Putin had called his US counterpart George W. Bush two days before the 9/11 attacks in 2001, warning about an imminent terrorist plot coming from Afghanistan…”

    Not possible. No attack was directed from Afghanistan. The attack was directed by the Jew fifth-column that controls the US Tyranny. 9/11 was an act of war and treason by Jews and and their US Tyranny tools, not “terrorism.”

    It’s just more smoke and mirrors to reinforce the lie about who was responsible for 9/11.

    Beebee is a career criminal of the US Tyranny and the Jews’ Z(C)IA. It’s interesting when people pick and choose which of the government’s liars they choose to believe, or not. They’re all liars that lie about everything all the time. The key is identifying their lie’s agenda–the reason for the lie.

    You can not pick and choose the truth.

    Foundational Facts about 9/11:

    1) No airplanes crashed into any building or field. It is impossible – impossible – for an aluminum and composite plane to slice like a hot knife into soft butter through the four-inch steel-box frame of the outer walls of the towers. Impossible to slice effortlessly into the bowels of the towers. Parts of the wings and tail of each plane would have bounced off the towers’ four-inch steel-box frame, and the fuselage of the planes were taller than the space between the concrete and steel floors. It was CGI.
    2) No cell calls originated from any airplane
    3) Steel frame buildings do not collapse from fuel or paper fires, much less at freefall speeds into their own footprints. The three, of five, building collapses filmed that day are the “back and to the left” of 9/11. Oswald was not on the Sixth Floor, and bin Laden wasn’t directing anything from Afghanistan.
    4) 5, not 3, NYC buildings were imploded with explosives in NYC that day.
    5) Israeli agents were arrested that day after they were seen celebrating the implosion of the towers. They later confirmed their arrests on Israeli TV.
    6) There was a Jew-media script for the events of that day. WTC 7 didn’t fall as to schedule, and the BBC got a bit ahead in the script.
    7) The towers were much less leased than we’ve been told. Far fewer people died that day than we’ve been told. The majority of the victim payouts have gone to Jews (The Holohoax scam 2.0).
    8) Hundreds of Goy first responders and clean up workers were deliberately sacrificed. Millions more in the following Middle East wars for Jew hegemony.
    9) Cui bono. Jews and more Jews benefited from the crime.

    Afghanistan, bin Landen, al Qaeda, and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Period. Any claim otherwise is a lie.

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

  2. Bee bee is full of bee ess. There was no threat whatsoever from Afghanistan. The threat came from Israel. This is total disinformation. The Jews did 9/11 and they need to be held accountable.

  3. Inside job. Two (three really) towers demolished (fell straight down, just like every other successfull demo anywhere ever). Pentagon strike,… well, I lean towards missile strike (guessing navy launched).

    1. There were FIRES & EXPLOSIONS going on INSIDE the Pentagon for 8 minutes before the next last last blast made a 20 foot hole from the inside out ( you can tell because base columns were buckled OUTWARD to clear the way so the ‘missile’ could enter the building of NAVY NCIS ( so I KNOW it wasn’t a NAVY missile ) were trying to find $2.3 Trillion Bumsfeld stated was missing on Sept 10, 2001; that’s where the paperwork was.
      All here, all FLAT FACTS BRUTAL TRUTHS by Pentagon Auditor and other top positions she held within DOD:
      [video src="https://mycommonsenseparty.com/2016-video/911-Pentagon-Attack-Behind-the-Smoke-Curtain-Barbara-Honegger.mp4" /]

  4. I agree with EVERYONE here, we ALL KNOW that Zionism and Deep State Criminals of USA itself planned 911 after Bill Clinton’s EPA said NO to demolish it by controlled demolition. So they said fuck you, stole the Florida election with fraud and the US Supreme Court did the UNCONSTITUTIONAL thing and meddled in the election of 2000. Putin didn’t call and tell anyone anything.
    You are LOOSING readers here with this nonsense. You are a DISGRACE to Assange to write and print something like this.

  5. THIS Whole article makes ME busting out LAUGHING!!!!
    WHO is Actually so STUPID as to believe Putin CALLED Bush to WARN HIM of a “Impending” Attack…When the INFORMED already KNOW what Really happened on 9/11! Hahahahahahahheheheheehahahahahahaha!!!!
    There isn’t a Government on Earth that DIDN’T Know about 9/11…The very SIZE and SCOPE of the “Operation” HAD TO HAVE BEEN “KNOWN” BY ALL…At least for those countries Still NOT, Controlled by the Vatican/Zionist FAKE Jews.
    Those that DID understand likl
    ey were THREATENED into SILENCE over it…CATCHING-ON-YET folks???

    THIS sure SEEMS to make the Vatican/Zionist Controlled PUTIN Look good HUH?
    Sey Folks….Just check out the “Redifinningod.com” for THEIR latest BS…Its ALL THERE Folks! Heheheheheheheheheehehehehe!!!

    1. OOOOH! I almost forgot to send the link to “god’s” site:
      THERE Everyone can see what the WHITE (False) god is up to…Check it daily because god has to make CONSTANT Changes???…There, guess THEIR god is playing Pee-nuckle and forgets every now and then…or he’s occupied in the toilet with some UNDER-Aged Females doing YOU-KNOW-WHAT.
      Course he could EATING the latest PIZZAS that are on the MENU…At their MANY “Pizza-Joints”.

  6. If this has happened (the warning from Putin´s side) there is only one expnanation to it; the CIA (or one of the other US “Services”) managed to fake some messages between faked Al Qaida “members” purposely so that Russian Services would get “Aware” of it, The Russians swallowed it and they warned. This hoax was another “line of defence” arround the true Inside Job by the US Neocon Power Elite!

    1. The problem with THAT Scenario is that the KBG is also “Tied” to American CIA, thus They would have been “IN-on” the plan from the start.
      Remember, NESARA/GESARA was to become a GLOBAL LAW…Effecting ALL BANKING WORLD-WIDE.
      There has NEVER been a so-called “Cold-War” between the “Corporate USA” and the Corporate Russian Federation (BOTH Vatican controlled)
      BOTH Knew of “ET Disclosure” info….Remember???
      DISCLOSURE was supposed to Follow the NESARA/GESARA announcements RIGHT AFTER NESARA ANNOUNCEMENTS.

  7. The only reason I see why Afghanistan is on war in US is the collapse of bank economic with back up gold expire but the bank of owner don like they are the fault of collapse that why they create war in Afghanistan to US

    1. They want Afghanistan’s resources period like they want every other country’s resources. There the opium pays them more than what gold does plus there is plenty more.

      1. That is HIGHLY probable because the corporate USA uses “Drug-Trafficking” to Help prop-up the US Dollar…NO SECRET There…Also Global Stock markets!

  8. Every body knows it was Ishtahel as another false flag pretext to Dominance in the middle east
    See Christopher Bollyn

    1. Whilst Bombing Afghanistan for opium this doesn’t surprise me the whore and the beast are one..
      putrid also knew about Beslan..
      If he ever says anything nice about
      another country other than Russia
      let me know..that man is stirring hatred from his own people in true
      roth red style

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