Big Russian Moves from Middle East to Africa Causing New Level of Deep State Panic

A barrage of groundbreaking moves made by the Russian government continues to undermine the Deep State’s grip on its client states in Africa and the Middle East.

Just a few hours ago, a Tu-160 long-range bomber touched down in a South African runway as a message to all concerns that Russia will protect this continent from outside aggression from here onwards.

The groundbreaking 13-hour long flight was only the “icing on the cake” for the African leaders who were meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi purposely to seal a comprehensive, multifaceted 500 deals in economics, cultural exchanges and security cooperation.

Russia’s efforts to boost its influence in Africa, which was highlighted at this week’s summit in Sochi, is not only about arms, nuclear power and investment deals, but also about the less tangible things.

Sochi International airport braced itself this week to serve over 100,000 travelers, as thousands of guests flocked to a historical event – the Russia-Africa summit. With 44 presidents and prime ministers of African nations in attendance, it is the pinnacle of Moscow’s recent diplomatic measures to secure a more prominent influence on the continent.

Moscow’s newfound interest in Africa comes at an opportune moment for the continent itself, according to Andrey Maslov, the editor of the Russia-Africa Shared Vision Report “Russia’s growing interest in Africa has coincided with accelerated integration processes on the continent,” he told RT. “Now, Africa is not just a territory hosting more than 50 states. It is emerging as an independent player in world politics and international relations.”

Yet, its results go beyond a set of lucrative deals. According to Maslov, the meeting has laid the foundation for deeper relations. “Russia returns to Africa on the basis of new values and new goals [rooted] in a mutual interest,” the analyst said, admitting that he himself had initially been skeptical about the summit results but eventually changed his mind.

The African leaders who visited the summit also appeared to be pleased with its results. Abdel Fattah al Sisi, the president of Egypt –one of Russia’s major partners in Africa– and the meeting’s co-chair, called the summit a “success for all its participants.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who hosted the meeting, hailed it as a “new page in Russia’s relations with the nations of the African continent.” “The meeting was business-like but still friendly and even cordial, providing a unique atmosphere for our discussions,” he told journalists afterwards.

Indeed, the forum is meant to put extra wind in Russia’s sails as it tries to catch up economically with countries like China, the US and India. A country’s prominence in a region is, of course, not limited to arms deals and food sales but also involves less tangible things like culture, science or education.

The entire African continent has been under massive exploitation for the last 500 years. But to deter a unified action against the exploitation, the Deep State employed the time tested “divide and conquer” political intrigue between competing factions, and false flag assassinations of leaders of these groups.

The worst of all these machinations was the deliberate release of viruses to eject a number of villages in close proximity to the minerals about to be extracted… all the while the media is applauding the virtues of Aid for Africa concerts, the proceeds of which only went as far as the pockets of the people behind the Crown.

The Greater Israel Plan is Crumbling

All of the above is in addition to the deployment of the Russian military at the border shared by both Syria and Turkey, in order to implement a buffer zone that will be providing the path for the safe reentry of Syrian refugees from Turkey back to Syria.

More than a year ago, US military helicopters were seen airlifting key ISIS personalities out of prison cells in Syria, and smuggled into Canada and Europe. The operation is said to have involved 50 tons of gold exchanging hands between ISIS leadership and Western agents on the ground.

But thousands of abandoned ISIS militants and their families are still holed up in the province of Idlib. Understandably, extricating them completely out of Syria is a very complex process. To where should these Deep State pawns be relocated?

Obviously, the Trump government won’t have anything to do with that. Plausible deniability of any accountability is built right into every decision coming from the White House. This is the despicable duality of the US foreign policy.

That’s the reason why Africa must be secured first, or they will be mired in perpetual violence, as the ISIS armed pawns decide to relocate there. The same reason why everybody is avoiding any US-led action in the region, whenever they can.

Iraq is also protesting the unauthorized entry of the US troops and CIA advisers escaping from the Syria-Turkey border in the last few days.

The UAE also hosted Vladimir Putin a week ago as if to send the message that all those who want to start a nuclear war with Iran through false flag attacks against their interests is no longer welcome. These Middle Eastern warlords have been looking for an alternative to the extortive attitude of the West, and Russia has demonstrated in many a times the integrity of its own rhetorics.

What this means is that the West is no longer in a position to dictate the terms of their military occupation of the region. There’s a new disruptive force in town, and it costs way low to avail of its much capable security services and military technologies. Most of all, there’s no one-sided conditionalities required.

Over there in Bolivia, Evo Morales secured back his position as president when he garnered more than 10% of the votes above his incumbent rival, in the latest and final results of the election that has a record turn out of 88.31%. As expected, the US and its client states in Latin America are protesting about the outcome. Is it their business to do so?

Another positive development was the release of one Russian “spy” Maria Butina, who was imprisoned in the United States since mid-2018, as part of the “Russia-Trump collusion” narrative. Some consider this as Trump playing against the Deep State. How about the US extradition efforts lodged against Julian Assange, will it be withdrawn, too, by Trump?

The persistent dumping of the dollar, etc. — all of this explains the anxiety and panic in Washington DC, the Eurozone, and the Vatican. It wouldn’t surprise us anymore if more headline diversion events will happen very soon.

It must be understood that all of these efforts to neutralize the Deep State took decades to materialize, and involved too many high-profile casualties in the Russian diplomatic corps. The Putin leadership is not taking any chances.

Russian President Vladimir Putin observes the Grom (Thunder) 2019 military exercises as he visits the National Centre for State Defence Control, in Moscow, Russia October 17, 2019. Sputnik/Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY.
Russia has tested all three components of its nuclear triad, making sure that if the worst comes to pass and its existence is under threat, it would have plenty of ways to respond to foreign aggression.
The simultaneous test of various tactical and strategic nuclear weapons in Russia’s arsenal came as it wraps up a major military exercise called ‘Grom-2019’ (‘Thunder’ in English). It involved some 12,000 troops, hundreds of missile launchers and aircraft, and almost two dozen ships and submarines.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

8 thoughts on “Big Russian Moves from Middle East to Africa Causing New Level of Deep State Panic”

  1. Ha ha haaa…..

    “Thousands of abandoned ISIS militants and their families are still holed up in the province of Idlib. Understandably, extricating them completely out of Syria is a very complex process. To where should these Deep State pawns be relocated?”

    Send them home, to Israel, where they belong…

    1. After all, it was the FAKE Jews who created ISIS (Israel Secret International Services)…They even have a website HERE in their “Bed-partners” country…the Corporate United States.

  2. “The worst of all these machinations was the deliberate release of viruses to eject a number of villages in close proximity to the minerals about to be extracted”
    ??? I big your pardon? When you ventilate such an accusations, you better give some evidence. Source, please?

  3. Out of the pot and into the fire.
    Who can do battle with the beast ?
    Hehem A bigger beast ?

    Positively False (HIV and AIDS)

    1. AIDS, was created by “Big Pharma” as a race specific disease to target non-white people…Only it back-fired on THEM.
      Proof beyond doubt is viewed by a DVD called “In Lies We Trust” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz….Available on line at Ebay.

  4. Russia’s attempt to “Move-In” on Africa is just another “WHITE Supremest” move to exploit Africa’s resources too.
    REMEMBER…PUTIN is “In-Bed” with the FAKE Jews too, along with Trump.
    MESSING around with AFRICA, will Prove to be a FATAL mistake for WHITE Supremest.
    Whites DO NOT Believe in “Equal Justice”…They operate a JUST-US system called VATICAN Canon Law…TOTALLY controlled by WHITE SUPREMEST.
    They don’t Really believe in the meaning of LOVE.
    Lifes-Overreaching- Vibrational-Energy
    They practice the Opposite …EVIL or LIVE:
    Total EGO = Service-of-Self.
    They PROVE It Daily by HOW they view this planet as being EXCLUSIVELY THEIRS.

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