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There’s an ongoing global effort to level the geopolitical playing field between the East and West by establishing a parallel financial system based on sovereign assets, and by neutralizing a specific crime syndicate behind all wars of aggression worldwide.

We are constantly monitoring and regularly publishing our in-depth analysis about this effort so that people around the world will understand and be better prepared for the changes that are already happening and those that are yet to come, from which the mainstream media are still hesitant to admit.

To date, there are more than a thousand articles on this website. You can try the search bar to find articles about a specific topic.

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40 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I just downloaded your book and have only quickly scanned it. I was disappointed to see the tripe you’ve included from Zeitgeist trying to discredit Jesus Christ. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about on this topic so how can I trust you in other areas I’m less familiar with. Try Googling to find the various critiques that have been written on this error. I have a whole book on it, which I could email you if you were interested. Jesus Christ was the clear fulfillment of 300+ prophecies from the Old Testament, and was well known as such long before the Catholic Church ever started. Very disappointing. You really should study your lesson better and remove or at least revise that portion because it discredits the whole work. Start of by learning something about redemptive analogies by reading say ETERNITY IN THEIR HEARTS by missionary Don Richardson.

    1. @Dean

      Thank you very much for downloading the eBook.

      I can understand the predicament that you are undergoing. However, we need to open up our minds if it is the truth we are seeking. We are all victims in the grandest scheme of all time. If we are confident that it is the whole truth that we hold dear deep in our hearts, then we should be confident that it can survive even until the last pages of the eBook that you’ve just downloaded. Don’t stop at the “have only quickly scanned it” portion. Read it with an open mind to the very end.

      With regards to the “tripe”, the ebook could very well stand by itself in that regard. I already anticipated that kind of reaction. But the book is part and parcel about exposing the lies in all their facets. In fact, the writing of this book was preceded by the publication of the article “The Lies We Believe In“, a three-part series, which i would highly recommend that you read as thousands have already did.

      The work of Jordan Maxwell and Eric Jon Phelps’ Vatican Assassins are highly recommended.

      Don’t worry, we will ALL be exposed to the real truth in a matter of months from now as the evil that permeated in this world is finally brought down. Until then, please be patient.

      1. In “The Lies We Believe In” the following statement is written:

        “The historian Josephus, the only one who argued the historical background for Jesus, is himself a myth – a fact proven within the first 200 years his name cropped up.”

        In order to fictionalize Jesus Christ, you need to fictionalize Tactitus as well as Josephus.

        “The Roman historian and senator Tacitus referred to Christ, his execution by Pontius Pilate, and the existence of early Christians in Rome in one page of his final work, Annals (written ca. AD 116), book 15, chapter 44.”


        “The Lies We Believe In”: what an appropriately named document for a load of tripe.

      2. I live in Cebu and was very interested to find this site.At this stage I do not want to buy an e-book but I do want to buy 2 or 3 Nano Health Pens,made in the Philippines,and referred to by Mr Mehran Keshe at the 3rd Ambassadors meeting on 16 August.Cn you help me find these? My number is 09183074699

      3. It takes a lot of patience to wait for something that has been promised as “just a few months away” over and over for years, even decades. I would characterize this kind of website in two words: “false hope”. I would also name true hope in two words: “Jesus Christ”, the one worth waiting for. We have waited nearly 2 millennia for His return, and in my opinion we won’t have to wait much longer. Forget the Khazarians, the Russians, the Persians, the Ottomans, whoever. The true shepherd of Israel will return for His sheep as prophesied in Matthew 2:6. Merry Christmas my friend!

      4. Ed
        We would really like to access the video of the interview with Justin Trudeau in the “Titanic Bank of Canada Lawsuit” article you did on Covert Geopolitics a few issues back and which case the Supreme Court of Canada just refused to hear. How can I access that video?. Obviously it was done here in Canada. We would love to post it on our blog. Can you refer us to the maker of the video in Canada? Thanks,
        Or they can call or email us.. (250) 510-9474 Best regards, John. johnfromoutwest@gmail.com

    2. Why is the “Old Testament” contained in the ancient sumerian texts, and in much greater detail? This is a red flag lesson for you …

      1. Excellent site Bob. Thank You very much !! This helps break down the last refuge of religious programming.

    3. I agree with you on this! My question is why???? It is the satanists themselves who cannot even stand to hear the name of Jesus Christ spoken!

  2. Compassion & Healing in those gentle frquencylayers of our lightbodys – thats what we want from any church, skip that propagandawars and Pharmagedon-skripts…
    i rather leave Europe and come to your circle of light my mentors in frequencymedicin to study and further benefits for children than to blow up some baxter facilities, but may be i ve to do it anyhowbefore them do the nextlastbreal thingy on us…
    Pray for divine solution to this christmass them left us!!!
    yours – loovingly and inscendingly

  3. how can i join the white dragon society?… me and my dad are really intristed in joining…. if you can get back to us that would be wonderful… hope im in the right place to be posting this…

  4. Dear Edgar.
    I made a small donation regarding the e-book Towards Emancipation Healthcare. The donation was small due to my limited resources. Soon I will make an additional payment as a complement. I really want to be independent of the large pharmaceutical industry. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have access to such valuable information.
    Carlos Chapinotti

  5. I would like to know wether your book contains the blueprint for building the ozonizer device as well.

    1. No.

      There are already low-cost pre-assembled ozonizers on eBay, and it’s not safe for lay men to assemble gadgets that expose them to very high voltage.

  6. I got here thru oraclereport.com and am sooo grateful someone is doing something about the extermination and control agenda commonly referred to as chemtrails. Being sprayed like a cockroach is NOT my idea of a good time! Thanks for sharing the research. Better days are coming, better days are here!

  7. Hi,

    I am a reader of your website from the Philippines. I kind of got a hint you are from the Philippines as well through one of the post. I am trying to get acquainted with these news you are posting as fast as I can. However, sometimes it feels so wildly impossible. But yet, strangely revitalizing to read as it sometimes offer a really fresh perspective and a sense of TRUTH. I’ve been following these stories for years, but as always they are embedded as conspiracies. But I wish that there were more to the articles that can prove their truth. Especially with the current financial situation we are heading towards… Should we be ready? Cheers from another Filipino and I do hope we can correspond further. I am really interested in finding out how you are picking your alternative news up.

    I really wish I can talk to you. Your reader.

  8. Excellent site Bob. Thank You very much !! This helps break down the last refuge of religious programming.

  9. Why did you delete the Global Issues page and stopped publishing Benjamin Fulford’s weekly newsletter?

  10. Colonel Potter:

    Great vide – I have had a long standing faith that rank and file non-political employees the commons employs to assure the republic and constitution are preserved as much as can despite coup the republic suffered since its planning inside UK Home Office in 1913, as the UK was preparing to surrender to Germany, to terms of a gentleman’s agreement, “as if the war had never happened”.

    The document underlying the plan, formalized by an enduring ruthless multigenerational crime syndicate, that continues today, unabated, in London’s so called “Shadow Banking District”, is the “Balfour Declaration”.

    Some of would surprised to learn that Americans were, by orders, sympathetic to Germany, and against the UK’s Banker Wars.

    A precise history of the agreement, is offered by Benjamin Freedman at SweetLiberty dot Org. The terms, briefly, stated that:
    1) The UK would reject a very generous surrender the Germans had offered.
    2) The Bankers would have assure America’s entry into the trenches using their servant in the US, Supreme Chief Justice William Brandies, who would be instructed to take what looks a blackmail threat to President Wilson that instructed him to break promises (why are we not surprised?) and husband and give both his blessing and signature to few the authors of Balfour, needed
    1) Wilson sign a Declaration of War on the side of the British crown.
    2) Wilson sign Federal Reserve Act (the FED was established to fin ace industrial genocide and use the good faith of commons as cosigner)
    3) Wilson would do his part to codify a federal income (to cover wars debts taken by the FED).
    4) Wilson would do his part to establish the Internal Revenue Service, and authorize the IRS to collect, with extreme prejudice, a tithe as prescribe by from the toil of the people that own the Republic, the American commons.
    5) Wilson would deliver edicts that required states to forfeit their constitutional right to select senators from the ranks of the state house to represent in DC, and, instead provide for the direct election of senators (making it easy for the War Banker’s bagmen to find the “right” guy.

    7)Wilson would help establish a world governing that would, eventually, as it did 1948, grant a parcel of lands in a colony (Palestine) “ruled” by the UK (that piece of Balfour was executed in 1948. The the first of brand off the rack complex, The United Nations.

    I am reciting these items because of us believe that the face the Diebold machines told us we hired to protect out authorities on CSPAN, even the big chess hisself, are our “Leaders”. We are leaders. We own the Republic. We own every brick, pipe, road plane bullet missile that is booked as a government asset. Senator and Chief Executives are NOT OUR LEADERS. They are our employees. That is all they are.

    Your video referenced NAZI demons. Read Freedman’s. Just because a multigenerational crime family instructs US agencies stoke the flames of division, don’t make our dark, and without a real basis of understanding, so. Repeating don’t it so.

    The first European’s to land grab in Palestine, 10 years before the grants were chartered, traveled there on a NAZI ship call name SS Tel Aviv. The NAZI’s gave em guns machines bullets and bags of German Marks, that were, during the depression, the most reliable sovereign on the planet.

    Question: What is the difference between a refugee camp and a concentration:
    Answer: The way they are spelled.

    The bankers wanted Germany real bad. Bombed back to stone. Dresden etc etc. The infrastructure had collapsed. There were not any fat pink Germans in the burbs of Munich slogging ale stuffing their faces with schnitzel.

    Where does one go when there ia no infrastructure to deliver goods services? Urs true would campout at distribution center, with the hope that the odds of clean water and fuel and services would be more better than than the burned bombed structure that used to be a home.

    AL KADA ISIS NAZI – lets stop with pseudo-intellctual categorization the Mockingbird’s news and schools use to subvert.

    Crime is the act of a criminal. The criminal a name. A gang of criminals can call themselves anything they want, but when they are facing the bar of justice, they are individuals. Justice listens, and should the facts of the crime be proven, the person named in the charge is penalized.

    This group grope by association BEX pouring our talking on CSAPN and lame stream hypo-tube-feeds is BEX. Setting that most of us do have first unhanding of the facts of alleged past crimes by anyone or anygrob the Mockingbird barks on the midway of crime that is selling us out, geocoding like a dominion heretic on steroids – we got set that stuff and do what we are ablated to do, protect the Republic (WE OWN IT-“this is “OUR LAND”), and restore the rule of law.

    We can do that with minimal damage. Read the “London Book Reviews”, review of Sy Hersh’s latest work, “Military to Military”. RT has vids on. The DoD, except for DIA, stands with the commons, as does most of our rank and file employees in federal agencies. Our ARMY stands with commons. The only question mark related to our uniformed services, based on a quick of a that review and a few vids, is the NAVY.

    The American Commons has already won this thing. We just don’t it. Many are not aware.

    What needs to done is compassionate appeal to those criminals we see everyday on CSPAN, the boards of directs in big banks and big genocide big pharma and the And Big Agriculture, worded so they simply surrender and submit to house arrest. We may some provisional structure to manage the agreements – most of the day to day heavy lifting word smith liaison stuff, fortunate is administered by our rank and file employes – the maybe the source an executive for temporary authority for the few month’s it’s take restore the rule and docket the criminals and their wanna be CSPAN dandies —

    With all that ahead, do we really have time to compare low and mid management criminals to groups of any kind, especially groups that shutdown before we were born.

    The vanity of the self anoints who think were divined dominion over anything, but especially the Zero-Brained construct of a dominion over one of the most powerful forces of nature, humanity – let them talk with reeducation person when they are incarcerated.

    The problem is that face we see in mirror everyday. That face need to believe in itself, it’s family and that the rule is just a bunch of words.

    Keep ears open for whispers of eminent domain. We been sold out. Executive orders? The ring of the cash will be an attempt repeal “eminent domain”. Have faith in self and stay frosty.

  11. “……….Mr. Al Hodges has been instrumental in negotiating with the Obama Administration in both of his clients’ settlements, which are not part of the Global Settlements but are a direct beneficiary of the Global Settlements.”………………..UTTER BULLSHIT.

  12. I had hopes for this site – I just discovered it. But when I saw the name Ben Fulford I was immediately turned off with anything you have to say. Ben Fulford, Drake and David Wilcock all a bunch of fraudsters – controlled opposition? Thank but no thanks! We have enough of the fantasy crap. I go elsewhere to more down-to-earth independent sources from journalists with integrity.

    1. My sentiments exactly Wolfy. This site is controlled opposition for sure. The only thing that this site promotes is the divide and conquer tactics of Enki and Enlil (the East and the West). It is interesting to see how programmed and conditioned that these people really are though …

      1. I agree with you entirely. I’ve had enough of their divide and conquer tactics and the type of false characters they employ to spin out fake stories to fool the masses. Through experience after so many years I have my own list of hard core journalists and intellects who are down-to-earth and stick to facts and truths with integrity and courage. Peace.

    2. Peace to you Wolf. We are all fractals of the divine source. Let us keep the torch burning. Your profile is fascinating. Stay in touch, I am at ~ jack@joltmail.com ~. I’m sure we could exchange meaningful information.

      1. You want to know about my sources? They come from journalists and political analysts who have integrity, intelligence and plain common sense like Dr Paul Craig Roberts, F. William Engdahl, Alexander Mercouris, Dmitry Orlov, Eric Zuesse, Eva Bartlett, Finian Cunningham, Gearóid Ó Colmáin, John Pilger, Lizzie Phelan, Stephen Lendman etc.

        From sites like 21st Century Wire, Global Research, Sputnik, NEO, Russia Insider, Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House, SOTT, RINF, The Saker, X22 Report, etc.

        There you go… Ronnie baby…

        Anymore questions?

        I’m still waiting for the imminent mass arrests of globalists, bankers and political elites that Drake promised us three times but never materialized.

        Or maybe aliens have contacted David Wilcock and have announced they are going to swoop down and save us from the corrupt global elites.

        No thanks… I prefer my sources who have their feet on the ground and do not try to score points with sensational rhetoric.

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