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GRU’s Unit 29155: Latest Deep State Bogeyman

In its pursuit to constantly divert attention from its own covert operations around the world, the Deep State has concocted yet another bogeyman story aimed at justifying why the West still needs their services.

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China’s 5G Leadership Means US Eavesdropping is Blocked, Spies Unemployed

The US intelligence community’s alarm at Chinese leadership in 5G mobile broadband has less to do with a threat of Chinese eavesdropping than with the likelihood that electronic eavesdropping will become next to impossible, thanks to quantum cryptography. I have had a number of conversations on the topic with US as well as Chinese sources, but this conclusion appears obvious from public sources. Continue reading China’s 5G Leadership Means US Eavesdropping is Blocked, Spies Unemployed

Don’t Spy for Me Argentina, Setting Up Maduro’s Downfall or Trump’s ?

When an incompetent US President hires as his “special envoy” for regime change in Venezuela the very same buffoon who fumbled his way into helping to expose the Iran-Contra scandal, one can expect anything. Continue reading Don’t Spy for Me Argentina, Setting Up Maduro’s Downfall or Trump’s ?

The National Security Agency is A Criminal Organization

Years before Edward Snowden provided documented proof that the National Security Agency was really a national insecurity agency as it was violating law and the US Constitution and spying indiscriminately on American citizens, William Binney, who designed and developed the NSA spy program revealed the illegal and unconstitutional spying. Continue reading The National Security Agency is A Criminal Organization

The Alliance May Have Gone Visually Ballistic Recently

Recent anti-Deep State measures are too hard to ignore. In a follow-up to the installation of S-300 SAM system to tame Israel in Syria, a massive explosion rocked Ukraine two nights ago. This is a message to the West that the ongoing US-NATO-Ukraine joint military exercise is highly provocative to the Russians. Continue reading The Alliance May Have Gone Visually Ballistic Recently

‘Psychic Espionage’: An Insider’s View of US Army’s Secret Project StarGate

US Army intelligence officer Major Ed Dames was one of five officers trained to monitor and analyze ‘remote viewing’, a technique said to allow users to psychically ‘see’ locations, events or other information from great distances. Continue reading ‘Psychic Espionage’: An Insider’s View of US Army’s Secret Project StarGate

You’re fired! | Trump Told FBI Director James Comey

The Trumpian crowd just got a new shot of hope when their idol decided to fire the two-faced FBI Director James Comey from office. This must be the resumption of the draining of the swamp. Empirical data says otherwise, of course.

Just like the flip-flopping of the “Change We Can Believe in” of the Obama administration, the “Draining of the Swamp” mantra must be refreshed with earth shattering headliners from the White House from time to time.

Here are two proofs out of many why this may not be what we are all hoping for:

  1. Terminated Comey’s interim replacement, has deep ties with the Clinton couple, and;
  2. AG Sessions may be in it only for his own family’s satisfaction.

Interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s wife is a stooge for the Clintons.

WASHINGTON: Andrew McCabe became the acting director of the FBI on Tuesday when President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed McCabe’s promotion in an internal memo to the FBI. CNN obtained the document.

McCabe’s wife, Jill, ran for state Senate in Northern Virginia as a Democrat. She lost her election bid. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is close to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave McCabe’s campaign $467,500 from his political action committee. The Virginia Democratic Party also donated $207,788 to McCabe’s campaign, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Those ties led the FBI to issue a statement in October on Andrew McCabe’s ties to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI said McCabe “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind (for his wife’s campaign).”

The Trump campaign released a statement on “Clinton ally aiding wife of top FBI official,” but the website page is now longer available.

So, the FBI just moved from a double crossing Comey to a full pledged Clinton errand boy. But who knows?

Strategist Trump could certainly use McCabe’s extensive knowledge about the Clinton’s false philanthropy and pedophiliac adventures to pin the latter down.

That’s how you should feed your own false hope to keep you going and survive the day. Recall, not too long ago…

To which direction are we really going to?

What about AG Sessions? What’s in it for him when recommended the termination of Comey’s services?

He might have an axe to grind with the Clintons…


By David Johnston, July 20, 1993

William S. Sessions
William S. Sessions

WASHINGTON, July 19— President Clinton today dismissed William S. Sessions, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who had stubbornly rejected an Administration ultimatum to resign six months after a harsh internal ethics report on his conduct.

Mr. Clinton said he would announce his nominee to replace Mr. Sessions on Tuesday. He was expected to pick Judge Louis J. Freeh of Federal District Court in Manhattan; officials said Judge Freeh had impressed Mr. Clinton favorably on Friday at their first meeting.

Mr. Clinton, explaining his reasons for removing Mr. Sessions, effective immediately, said, “We cannot have a leadership vacuum at an agency as important to the United States as the F.B.I. It is time that this difficult chapter in the agency’s history is brought to a close.” Defiant to the End

But in a parting news conference at F.B.I. headquarters after Mr. Clinton’s announcement, a defiant Mr. Sessions — his right arm in a sling as a result of a weekend fall — railed at what he called the unfairness of his removal, which comes nearly six years into his 10-year term.

“Because of the scurrilous attacks on me and my wife of 42 years, it has been decided by others that I can no longer be as forceful as I need to be in leading the F.B.I. and carrying out my responsibilities to the bureau and the nation,” he said. “It is because I believe in the principle of an independent F.B.I. that I have refused to voluntarily resign.”

Mr. Clinton said that after reviewing Mr. Sessions’s performance, Attorney General Janet Reno had advised him that Mr. Sessions should go. “After a thorough review by the Attorney General of Mr. Sessions’s leadership of the F.B.I., she has reported to me in no uncertain terms that he can no longer effectively lead the bureau.”

Are the two Sessions related by blood?

We can only find their commonality in the Republican Party, and their close physical resemblance, for now.

AG Jeff Sessions
AG Jeff Sessions

So, instead of looking just who are not happy with the Trump decision to fire the FBI director Comey, let’s look instead on how AG Sessions will proceed from hereon.

Will he file cases against the Clintons, and those who are deeply submerged in the Deep Swamp?

Meanwhile, and away from the headlines, more troops will be sent to the fertile opium fields of Afghanistan,

… while Trump’s close-in adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner, is busy raising funds for the First Family’s development projects.

Kushner Family Tells Rich Chinese: Invest $500,000 and Immigrate to the United States

by EconMatters May 9, 2017 7:41 PM

Washington Post journalists attended the last Saturday presentation at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing saw and heard the pitch to the rich Chinese — They could obtain EB-5 investor visas to the U.S. if they invested at least $500,000 into one of the Kushner family’s development projects.

The presentation was reportedly delivered by Nicole Kushner Meyer, sister of Jared Kushner. As you know, Jared Kushner is the presidential adviser and son-in-law, husband of Ivana Trump.

Now what is EB-5 visa exactly? Wikipedia explains that the EB-5 visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who can invest from $500,000 to one million dollars in a “new commercial enterprise” in the United States. The program has been criticized as akin to “U.S. citizenship for sale,” and it has come under scrutiny after a series of fraud and scandals.

A slide displaying President Trump as the key decision maker in the EB-5 program (Photo: New York Times)
A slide displaying President Trump as the key decision maker in the EB-5 program (Photo: New York Times)

According to the Post, the tagline on a brochure for the event:

“Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States.”

The New York Times reported that during the presentation, there was a slide describing Donald Trump as a “key decision maker” about the future of the EB-5 program.  So the potential investors were then advised to “invest sooner rather than later in case visa rules change under the Trump administration.”

“Invest early, and you will invest under the old rules,” one speaker said.

Of course, the old rules still apply.

So, look over there, ’cause we’re so busy right here.

The Trump government will surely attempt to bring back some of the jobs that America lost in the last 4 decades, but for a lower pay when compared decades ago, or they’ll stay in Asia indefinitely.

But the Corporatocracy will live on with the two-party system, they’ve played the game so skillfully, and the Sheeplehood will stay as docile as it is. Why?

They just don’t care at all.

No offense intended, but if that’s how deep the majority of the Americans are capable of using their cognitive abilities, they’ll always be an easy prey to the mind control experts like the Chatham House.

We still want to be convinced that our skepticism is grossly unfounded.

CIA: Deadliest Intel Organization on Earth, #Vault7 Confirms

Two nights ago, Wikileaks started releasing what the whistleblowing platform dubbed as the #Vault7 Series of damaging information into the inner workings of the CIA.

The first iteration “Year 0” describes the specific tools that the Deep State agency has been using against its friends and foes. Continue reading CIA: Deadliest Intel Organization on Earth, #Vault7 Confirms

CIA Malware Targets iPhone, Android, Smart TVs | #Vault7 Year0

The password to the first iteration of Wikileaks’ Vault7 series has been released. The first Vault7 iteration codenamed “Year 0” is a 500mb file which could be opened through your browser.

The Vault7 series is the largest intelligence publication in history.

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#Vault7: Wikileaks Drops New Bombshell vs. Deep State

Never in the entire history of the CIA had it exposed itself in this way. But after exposing Flynn of talking to the Russian ambassador, which is not a crime by itself as proven by an FBI investigation [here], the agency also admitted to having withheld vital information to the president as a way of insulting him, Continue reading #Vault7: Wikileaks Drops New Bombshell vs. Deep State

Veteran Intel Pros Demand for Russian ‘Hacking’ Proof from Obama

More than 20 U.S. intelligence, military and diplomatic veterans are calling on President Obama to release the evidence backing up allegations that Russia aided the Trump campaign – or admit that the proof is lacking. Continue reading Veteran Intel Pros Demand for Russian ‘Hacking’ Proof from Obama

Britain’s New Intel Chief is Living in an Upside Down World

Just when we thought it could not get any worse for a British establishment that has been floundering around in a perfidious swamp of dishonor when it comes to its foreign policy in recent times, up pops the new head of MI6 in the shape of Alex Younger with an opening speech in his new role to prove us wrong.

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NSA Spying on “Allied” Leaders; Google is Spying on You

To all the Sheeples and government trolls out there, these conspiracy theories have been confirmed so many times over. Even a portion of the mainstream media can’t hold their punches anymore.

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NSA Turns Conversations into Searchable Text [Snowden]

The National Security Agency has developed and employed voice recognition technology to create transcripts of phone calls so they can be more easily searched and stored. Privacy advocates are demanding more information as to who might be the technology’s intended targets.

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Industrial Espionage: The Prime Incentive for Mass Surveillance

Industrial business interests within a capitalist system thrive on skillful strategies founded on exclusive access to vital information about the market and its players. The ability to dominate a given market is thrown heavily in favor of those who have the right tools to eavesdrop on the competition, and there’s no more capable surveillance mechanism than those under the control of the state.

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15 Member MCIS: The US/NATO’s Nightmare

There’s a military coalition that is standing up against the perennial bully in the schoolyard, i.e. US/NATO military forces. It’s referenced via its annual defense ministers’ meeting, i.e. the Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS) and its close cooperation is led by the mighty triumvirate of Russia, China and Iran.

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NSA Spying Firmware is in Our Hard Disks

Firmware is a software, or digital instructions, embedded with any hardware components our computers are equipped with. From the motherboard to the storage media we use, there is a firmware in each of them, to function properly.

With the right equipment or an outright cooperation of the hardware manufacturers, they are all hackable.

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CIA Langley On Lockdown

According to accounts from a McLean, Virginia resident, the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia are on lockdown for an unknown reason.

Photos provided to Breitbart News show the entrance from the road barred and police tape around the perimeter. Patrol cars were reportedly on hand as well. The local resident also stated that the rear entrance to the facility was also blocked.

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10 most shocking facts we found in CIA torture report

The so-called “torture report” released by the Senate this week contains only a fraction of the findings on how the CIA aimed to gather intelligence from detainees through interrogation. Still, it contains more than a few shocking revelations.

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