How Do We Understand Cancer?

In general, the cells of a multi-cellular organism are programmed for collaboration. Many diseases occur because the specialized cells fail to perform their assigned task. Cancer takes this malfunction one step further. Not only is there a failure of the cancer cell to maintain its specialized function, but it also strikes out on its own; the cancer cell competes to survive using natural mutability and natural selection to seek advantage over normal cells in a recapitulation of evolution.

–          Harrison’s Principles of Medicine

That’s not the whole story. But that is a good description of what cancer is after the fact.

Dr Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous. Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an access of H+, it is acidic; if there is an access of OH- ions, then it is alkaline… the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency (brought about by Toxemia.) “

–          Otto Warburg

Rife proved that the BX cancer virus has four distinct forms that can induce cancer formation within 36 hours of medium alteration.  According to Rife:

“In reality, it is not the bacteria themselves that produce the disease, but the chemical constituents of these microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that produces the disease. If the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced, it is susceptible to NO disease.”

Dr. Hulda Clark took it a bit further…

Carcinogens were thought to be the cause of cancer. Actually, they drew the cancer to the organ. Nickel draws cancer to the prostate. Barium found in lipstick draws cancer to the breast. And so on.

The following toxins can be present in any organ! I consider these to be our most serious threat. Starting with the worst, they are:

1. Freon (same as  CFCs or refrigerant). I have not found a single person to be entirely free of it, including persons without cancer or disease. But in cancer sufferers it is always concentrated in the cancerous organ, and facilitates the accumulation of other toxins. This makes your  refrigerator, if it leaks even microscopically, the top cancer hazard in the country!

2. Copper from water pipes.  All cancer sufferers have an accumulation in the cancerous tissue. This makes plumbing the second greatest hazard.

3. Fiberglass or asbestos is present in about 25% of the cancer victims I see.

4. Mercury as in tooth fillings.

5. Lead from solder joints in copper plumbing.  All colon cancer sufferers test positive.

6. Formaldehyde as in foam bedding and new clothing.

7. Nickel usually from dental metal. Most prostate cancer sufferers test positive.

At first, tumors are benign—what a relief to find your tumor was benign. Its true nature is still unknown, but it contains freon, other toxins, and later propyl alcohol! Since tumors are often large, many centimeters in diameter, and toxins do not occupy much space, there is much unidentified substance. These tumors can multiply and enlarge, as in fibrocystic breast disease, all without being malignant. But what a convenient place for baby stages of the fluke to hide out and multiply, safe from your immune system. After being colonized by fluke stages, the tumors become malignant. Eventually they also become infected when metastasis sets in.

Dr. Simoncini simplifies:

Cancer is fungal. The best way to destroy fungal colony is to flood the tumor with alkali.

So while Dr. Warburg claimed that high acidity invites parasites to the cells, high alkalinity repels them according to Dr. Simoncini – a perfect synthesis!

To summarize what have been stated above, it is very clear that cancer is both chemical and parasitic. Cellular dysfunction is just the natural consequence of both. Whichever comes first, chemical or parasite, is a subject of endless “chicken and egg” debate which we don’t want to participate in. Instead, we would rather direct all our energies and allocate all our remaining functioning brain cells in the elimination of both.

Cellular Restoration

The first task, the cellular restoration, can easily be accomplish by reoxygenation of the whole body through the application of oxygen in the form of ozone mixed in water which the subject is encouraged to take adequately. When enough is taken, ozonized water may find its way into the blood and is subsequently distributed throughout the body. This routine is also absolutely useful in the detoxification process and is an important part of our eTherapy protocol. Ozonated Water therefore serves four distinct but related functions:

  • oxygenates compromised cells,
  • raises alkalinity to ward off parasites,
  • neutralizes pathogens (anaerobic = parasites can’t survive in an oxygen-filled environment),
  • oxidizes neutralized parasites (detoxification = roughly, CHO [parasite] + O3 [ozone] => CO2 + H2O [that is, parasites are converted into water and carbon dioxide which the body can readily excrete bypassing liver and kidneys]).

Neutralizing Parasites

The second task is a bit complicated since we are dealing with parasites that are inherently mobile, replicate rapidly, cunning, and  has the ability to hide in deep recesses unreachable by conventional means. These are the rationale why we must attack the problem multi-dimensionally:

  • Virutron EA clears the blood of all types of parasites without the use of manmade chemicals, and without using invasive haemodialysis machine. It has been found that when the blood is freed from all parasites, neuropeptides like interferon and interleukin return, both of which are anti-cancer;
  • Shockwavv EMP delivers microcurrents to specific organs, lymph nodes, tumors and all other areas that are normally unreachable by blood, neutralizing every parasites hiding thereto;
  • Agionixx ions propagate to every tissue and penetrate even the very structure of the parasite itself, neutralizing the same, and rendering it immobile. These ions stay in the body for a week effectively assuming the role of a second immune system.

WARNING: These eTreatments are so effective in the neutralization of the parasites, you need to take adequate amount of water to help the liver and kidneys in the detoxification process. Otherwise, a permanent damage to these organs can be expected due to toxin (i.e. neutralized parasites) overloading. Granting that the client has taken enough nutritive foods and has rested well, it is the LACK OF WATER that is the prime cause of all problems along the way, not any of these eTreatments. Don’t take this warning lightly.

It must be understood that the effects of the whole eTherapy is more than the sum of its components. And since none of eTherapy protocols will introduce harmful side-effects, the whole process is absolutely non-regressive and the only way for the body to proceed is towards a spontaneous total remission.

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One thought on “How Do We Understand Cancer?”

  1. You have left out perhaps the most important factor in the etiology of cancer: characterology, or the personality of the person. While it is known that “A” type personalities are prone to heart attacks, it is not well known — in fact it is barely appreciated — that cancers are most often associated with “B” type characters. A good study of this was given by Johns Hopkins Hospital some 30 years ago when it showed that all graduating doctors from their medical school who later were found to have developed cancer, ALL were characterized on their intake to the school as having B type characters. This finding is consistent with the early work of W.R. Reich, as for example, in this book “The Cancer Biopathy”: I believe that this is somehow connected with the anoxia associated with cancer tissue, the which is discussed above.

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