Is Milk A Poison?

I just bought 2.5 kgs. of Birch Tree Full Cream Milk this morning, and my son, upon seeing it, drank a glass of milky goodness right way. Everything seems alright until I watch this…

Now, I’m wondering if I should just throw it all away, or give it to my noisy neighbors.

But then I have another problem – which one of them should I give it to – the one who keep playing the same lousy love songs for 3 years now, or the other one with a faulty hearing aid.

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4 thoughts on “Is Milk A Poison?”

  1. u-tube will also be dragged into court about cencoring the truth,when this cabel of corporate terrorists are arrested and jailed,Your job is not worth covering for these scum bags,you WILL be sorry.

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