The technology behind the device is as old as the discovery of electricity itself.

Back in the later part of the 1800s, scientists were already exploring the effects of electric currents on human illnesses. At the forefront of this quest was the late Dr. Nikola S. Tesla, a Serbian-Croat who gave us the Alternating Current-Polyphase System, a method of Electrical Transmission and Distribution, whose original design has never been changed even after more than a hundred years in existence. Such was the genius of Tesla that he even proved to the Scientific Community that electric power can be transmitted without the use of wires, the offshoot of which is the wireless radio telecommunication technology (erroneously attributed to Marconi until 1943), which made possible the mobile phones and internet telecommunication systems. With wireless electric power, electric meters are museum artifacts.

In 1898, Tesla published a paper that he read at the eighth annual meeting of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association in Buffalo, NY entitled, “High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes.” He stated that,

One of the early observed and remarkable features of the high frequency currents, and one which was chiefly of interest to the physician, was their apparent harmlessness which made it possible to pass relatively great amounts of electrical energy through the body of a person without causing pain or serious discomfort.

In the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife invented a powerful microscope he used to observe cancer virus at its live state. Being able to observe viral activity in real time, he was able to determine the best frequency by which his high voltage tube device is set to in order that the parasite is disintegrated by resonance.

In the later part of 1960s, Antoine Priorѐ perfected a more complex electromagnetic therapy machine, and consequently demonstrated “conclusive, total remissions of terminal tumors and infectious diseases in hundreds of laboratory animals”. His activities were then funded by the French Government.

Also in the 1960s, Robert Becker proved once and for all that the human body is an electrical entity. And any part or component thereof can be induced to regenerate in cases of fractures and injuries.

All these pioneering achievements, though being successfully downplayed by vested interests, have been perpetually rediscovered, principles reaffirmed and methods improved in the years that followed.

Names like Alexander Gurvich, Georges Lakhovsky, Fritz Albert Popp, Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, and Dr. Robert O. Becker are but a few and will become known to any interested researcher.

We owe so much to these pioneers who have risked their lives and reputations for the genuine service of mankind. This is our way of honoring all of them.

The Basics

It is very important to realize that our body is electrical in nature, as all of Nature is. Everything you see and not see is an electrical entity. Why not? We have long agreed that every matter is made up of atoms which contain electrons. Atoms are bonded electrically and electron flow constitutes electricity. Everything that happens within your body is an electrical activity, e.g. brainwaves, heart oscillations, reflexes, and even regeneration. (Regeneration, by the way, is a very interesting topic, and I would like to devote one page about it in the future.)

The [heart] pump hypothesis is not complete, as it does not account for the differing amounts of sodium in relation to potassium going in and out of the cell…

– Panos Pappas, Ph.D.

… sodium can be transmuted into potassium with the addition of oxygen and…electrical energy!

– Louis Kervran and George Ohsawa

The sheaths surrounding the nerves are not merely insulation as described in established biology but are ‘real wire’ that reach into each area of the body to create a normal electrical environment around each cell, or a stimulatory one when healing growth is needed.

…those embarrassing little oddities that the chemical-mechanistic theory could not explain are beginning to be understood by…this new paradigm.

– Dr. Robert Becker

Realizing that we have an electrical body, what then is the best treatment possible whenever the same malfunctions, i.e. infected with viral or pathogenic diseases? Is it the man-made drugs or the natural form of energy, that is ever present even before our world began, manifested in the form of electricity itself?

White cells (leukocytes) kill bacteria and pathogenic fungus by electrocuting them.

– Science & Vie

The strength of the virus is in its ability to replicate rapidly in so short a time overwhelming our immune system and rendering it ineffective. Therefore, if we could simulate an artificial electrocution of the virus, much like the white blood cells do, we may be able to defeat the virus and stop its replication, giving ample time for the immune system to do its secondary job of healing.

This is the method by which we proceed. This is what Virutron Blood Cleaner will do to you.

Always remember that a clean blood is the key to good health. Aging is not caused by a number (age) but by the amount of parasites and harmful chemicals accumulated over the years. Get rid all of them and you can get closer to virtual immortality.

Cleansed Blood can survive up to 6 weeks in a sealed container outside the body, while normal blood could only survive for 4 days under same condition.

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7 thoughts on “Technology”

  1. Thank you for your good work, however Nicola Tesla was not born in Serbia as you claim. He was born in Knin, Croatia.

    I would appreciate if you update your History page.

    Just yesterday I came across you page and will do further research and study.
    Thank you, Donna Lynn

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Donna Lynn.

      With regards to Tesla’s birthplace, Wikipedia does agree with you that he was born in modern day Croatia:

      Tesla was born to Serbian parents in the village of Smiljan, Austrian Empire near the town of Gospić, in the territory of modern-day Croatia. His baptismal certificate reports that he was born on 28 June (N.S. 10 July), 1856, to Father Milutin Tesla, a priest in the Serbian Orthodox Church.[7] His paternal origin is thought to be either of one of the local Serb clans in the Tara valley or from the Herzegovinian noble Pavle Orlović.[8] His mother, Đuka, daughter of a Serbian Orthodox Church priest, came from a family domiciled in Lika and Banija, but with deeper origins to Kosovo.

      So he was a Serbian born in Croatia. A naturally born Croatian with Serbian ancestry.

      Thanks again for bringing this up.

    1. There is the probability that …the 24/7 pulsing of radio-frequency microwave radiation from cell phone towers… and from the transmitters being forced on our homes ( smart meters) … will CAUSE cancers, and other chronic diseases, after exposure of about 10 years.. That’s often how long it takes for the dozens of genetic mutation to show up as cancers.
      The World Health Organization has classified the non-ionizing radiation from these things as a class 2b carcinogen..
      So then you are going to reverse the dozens of mutations . using more of the same thing…. maybe so..
      but I’d suggest you try stay out of, and protect yourself the best you can, from the blanket of radiation being forced on the USA population.. for the purpose of surveillance and control… not to mention the big profits.

  2. As the body electric is to the micro, so goes the macro. It follows that the body systems function in a universe using the same fundamentals. Prof. James McCanney coined the phrase ” The Electric Universe”. Knowing the phd is taught tier two science and taught 4% of all knowledge in the chosen field, means I have little regard for formal education. Andrew Carnegie is a testiment to my point. That is to say, I am extremely particular who I listen too, and this professor is worthy of that particular attention, especially since he can explain effects of space weather on earth & a repeat of the effects on ancient Egypt that are returning. For example, like what will happen in Nov in the southern hemisphere this year, the year of the comet as the liars at what remains of NASA calls it. Poisoned air, water, the red hand of death etc.. His discussion is on my obscure blog, along with countless issues, like the bird flu killing chickens in Mexico, and filling of hospitals at any time from questionable causes are kept out of the media. Did you know we are now reaching the ability to live long life spans? I’m not saying we’ll all become like Methusela but the knowledge is almost ready. See: Leaders in Discussions The Blogathon Philabuster

    1. What good is living a super long life if we don’t have the natural resources available to support (IN GOOD HEALTH) a world population of 9 billion or more, which is the estimate by the year 2050. In 1804 the world population was estimated to be about 1 billion. In just a little over 200 years It is now estimated to be about 7.2 billion by some calculations. Who are going to be the Methuselah’s in the world. They will only be the rich who can afford this technology. I am a member of the Life Extension Foundation. It does me no good to be a member because I can’t afford their life extension products. We are in the beginning of a worldwide mass extinction period. The earth (which is a living being) is doing a housecleaning of creatures it knows are obs-elite. We don’t need a New World Order, Elitist, Jesuit, International Banker, Etc whose. human extinction plan is to kill off
      90% of the human population. The Living Earth will do it for us because of human greed and environment destruction that humanity has caused. .

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