The Body Electric

Written by Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD .

This book proves once and for all that the human body is an electrical entity, and all its activities (e.g. heart beat, healing, thoughts) are electrical in nature.

Induced Regeneration is already a possibility since the 1960s. That would mean that artificial limbs should have been pieces of precious artifacts in your nearest museum. Organ Transplant, a mechanical operation should not have fluorished. But somehow, they don’t like the idea, so it’s been decided instead to put it into the dust bin of lost memories.

However, we’ve found this particular dust bin and Body Electric is hereby made available for us to peruse.

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10 thoughts on “The Body Electric”

  1. The link to download free does not permit the download, it allows you to read it but there is no saving it to my computer. It says I must be a premium READER. (subscriber )

    1. Thanks for the message, Cyndi.

      Just save a permanent copy of the file when it shows in your browser. You can do it by clicking on the diskette icon near the top-left of the web page. Hovering the page will also reveal the diskette icon at the bottom right of the webpage.

      Save it to the desktop first, so you can see it right away afterwards. Back it up in another storage device.

      1. There isn’t any “diskette icon” anywhere. Can you please post the exact url of the page you are referring to? I cannot find any way to download it free. Thank you.

  2. Ok I tried the download link at the top menu of this page. There is no mention whatsoever of The Body Electric on that page.

  3. Sorry for the confusion, Gaby.

    The link you are looking for is that button above that say “Download PDF Free”.

    It will point you to a Scribd page, and you may register for free to download the file.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

    1. There is no way to register for free. Once you click the register button they give you three options to pay for a day, a month, or a year. You cannot download it for free. I’ve tried every possible way. You need to stop promoting a scam. Sorry.

      1. You should look at the name of the account because that’s not our account. We are just linking to their files because we don’t own it, for your convenience.

        Contact and verify the account holder.

        Or, contact Scribd for asking to you pay.

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