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Merkel Receives “Mysterious” Package After Germany Announced Riyadh Arms Deal Review

The Bilderbergers appoint presidents not out of stellar qualifications but on the virtue of the person being heavily compromised and easily steerable.

All of these Western leaders have dark secrets that are being used as leverage by the power behind the throne to advance their own agenda of global dominance.

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Industrial Espionage: The Prime Incentive for Mass Surveillance

Industrial business interests within a capitalist system thrive on skillful strategies founded on exclusive access to vital information about the market and its players. The ability to dominate a given market is thrown heavily in favor of those who have the right tools to eavesdrop on the competition, and there’s no more capable surveillance mechanism than those under the control of the state.

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Is Merkel a CIA Asset?

Due to this lady’s mixed signal transmissions, even the Germans are now asking if she’s serving a foreign power, most specifically, the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Agency is, of course, just a branch of the Vatican-Nazi Intelligence Network and should not come as a surprise if the above question is confirmed.

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Paris March: A Pseudo-Solidarity

When top actors from 40 countries participated in a glorious photo-op, “1.5 million” Parisians were much obliged. The problem is: these top 40 actors were not even near the vicinity where the March of Solidarity was held.

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While we can celebrate the ongoing funeral of the worthless paper currency, we can’t help but wonder if promises of better economic conditions will come after China, Russia and Germany formally agree to work together on turning the planet greener.

Back in 2009, an Examiner article exposed a glimpse of what China and Germany are collaborating on:

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Merkel is No Angel But a Hitler

Update July 18 2015: Video of Queen Liz in Snappy Nazi Salute Exposed on MSM

Update April 5 2015: FBI Doc Confirms Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945

For a time we’ve been searching for confirmation on the link between Germany’s Nazi past on the present German government.

Lo, and behold…

Young Angela Merkel with Adolf Hitler
Young Angela Merkel with Adolf Hitler

This does not only confirm that, indeed, the incumbent Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel  is a Nazi but more astoundingly, Adolf Hitler did survive World War Two as this picture suggests this was taken post war.

So, the next time you meet Angela, just greet her, “Heil, Hitler” with that snappy fully extended right-handed salute. It should remind her who she really is.

‘Out of Greece!’: Special forces march in uniform, chant in anti-Merkel protest

Scores of commandos, sailors and paratroopers in their uniforms gathered in Athens on the day of the German Chancellor’s visit – but not to help with keeping the peace. Instead, they staged a march, chanting “Merkel, out of Greece!”

Marching in formation, they also chanted “Together, together, Nazis get out!”

The crowd in the street supported the reservists with rousing cheers. Many of the viewers joined the protesters in their disciplined march.

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Merkel to unveil Roma Holocaust memorial in Berlin

The memorial to Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust has been 20 years in the making.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to unveil a memorial in Berlin to the Roma (Gypsy) victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

The memorial – a circular pool of water with a small plinth in the middle – will be in the Tiergarten park, near the Reichstag, the German parliament building.

The unveiling comes after years of delays and disputes over the memorial’s design and its cost.

Experts say between 220,000 and 500,000 Roma were killed during World War II.

“It’s very important to me that we have a culture of remembrance,” Mrs Merkel said in an interview on her YouTube channel.

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