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Pivot Away from Containment

When O’bummer announced his pivotal “Pivot to Asia” geopolitical strategy last year, he intended to transfer at least 60% of America’s military into the Asian region, with the Philippines and Japan as patsies.

The Okinawan refusal against American military bases in its turf only pushes America further into our country and plans to install at least eight military bases here and a possible return to its original two mammoth bases in Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base which were closed down in 1992 through the restriction in our 1987 Philippine Constitution.

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Why is China Reclaiming The Kalayaan Group of Islands?

This is an open letter to all Maharlikans, the original name for the inhabitants of the Philippines.

Nowadays, one need Google Earth only to determine exactly where these islands legitimately belong to, with consideration to the 200 nautical mile economic exclusivity clause [EEZ] of the UN maritime law.

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