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Deutsche Bank Prepares Game Plan for ‘Brexit’

Previously, it was the European Central Bank [ECB] that’s in the news for allegedly preparing for a possible Greece exit from the Eurozone. Now, it’s Germany Deutsche Bank’s turn to hit the news for having explored the inevitable UK exit from the EU.

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China/Iran have jailed/hung bankers but NOT USA!

Both China and Iran have jailed and hung a number of bankers for multi-billion fraud already. The United States has yet to prick the nose of one banker involved in at least $16 Trillion covert bailout scandal that has affected the quality of social services in the country.

Thanks, Karen, for the title 😉

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Banking Mafiosi Suicided

A Gambino was suicided last October 20th. He happened to be a Deutsche Bank regulatory lawyer.

Another Deutsche Bank, William Broeksmit, was among those who died mysteriously early this year, and before [here, here, and here].

Deutsche Bank lawyer found dead by suicide in New York

BERLIN Sat Oct 25, 2014 12:38pm EDT
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The World’s Last MegaBubble

The monetary based economic system is showing its weakness. The seemingly endless printing of paper assets just cannot be sustained anymore.

In the end, they’re just pieces of paper decorated with fancy inkworks and nothing more.

Deutsche Bank Just Released A 104-Page Report On What May Be The World’s Last Mega-Bubble

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While we can celebrate the ongoing funeral of the worthless paper currency, we can’t help but wonder if promises of better economic conditions will come after China, Russia and Germany formally agree to work together on turning the planet greener.

Back in 2009, an Examiner article exposed a glimpse of what China and Germany are collaborating on:

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Rothschild’s $100 Trillion Empire

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