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When the Word Comes “It’s time”

By Aleksandr Zakharchenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk for FortRuss

If one is to speak without geopolitical complexities and nuances, the situation is extremely simple. This is a battle for the continent, for the international system, for one’s own taiga. They are desperately attacking us and are trying to take us down quickly. They use all means at their disposal, except for direct military intervention on Russia’s territory. They are destroying Russians outside their boarders, are raising foreign legions in order to invade the country. The West undertook to destroy us for the simple reason it is trying to avert its own destruction. The main factors are the destruction of the economy and of the political authorities of Russia.
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We Are Strong Because We are Right [Putin]

In the TASS special project Top Officials, Vladimir Putin talks about healthy lifestyle, the “fifth column” and oil prices “plot” and argues with Russian philosopher Nikolay Berdyayev

On health, wrong statement and the other side of the coin

– What’s your health status now, Vladimir Vladimirovich?

– All worries are in foes’ dreams!

– The foes are making hints…

– Really? It’s the first time I hear about it. What are they saying? Just fantasying?
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US/Kiev Stalling Russian Aid for Eastern Ukraine

In an effort to prevent Eastern Ukraine, with its rich natural resources,  from separating towards the Russian side, Kiev continues to deny passage to trucks carrying much needed humanitarian aid.

Eastern Ukrainians have no other alternative but to flee amidst increasing firefights between pro-US and pro-Russian forces in the region.

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