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Those Were The Days | Keenan

Seems just like yesterday I was playing basketball, baseball and football. I wasn’t worrying about a thing other than who would win the game, always trying to acquire the winning strategies to take us over the hump.

Those Were The Days!

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Here’s the latest update from the Keenan Group.

“Don’t think for one second that because you do not hear from me it means I have gone soft. Not at all!

What it means is that all the roads that have been blocked are no longer blocked. I have roads open now straight to the problems – and once we have arrived there, our problems become their problems.”

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The Game is Over [Keenan]

Just in case you’re  wondering why the few updates, well, we don’t have to. We can already feel the Cabalist world is fast crumbling and you should be seeing how they are so disorganized and stunned with the multitudes of attacks from all directions that they have to deal with.

They may be too powerful but once a critical mass of people are made aware of what they’ve  been doing with their enormous power, all of that will disappear like a puff of smoke.

The global enemy is in its death throes, and this latest Keenan report will underscore that.

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Global Accounts Elders Prefer January 1st for Humanitarian Aid Release [Keenan]

Just like we’ve always warned about the attempt of the Jesuits, aka Khazarian Mafia, to hijack the upcoming massive release of humanitarian aid through the BRICS financial mechanisms, or otherwise, by proclaiming a “debt jubilee” and a partial controlled ET disclosure, the Keenan Group is advising everyone to stay away from any “Jubilee” sounding schemes.

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Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here [Keenan]

Here’s another update from The Keenan Group for this week…

Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here

By The Keenan Team

At this very moment we are sitting here contemplating what to do with the actions that have been reported to us.

The Clinton Gang has ridden in on their private jets, the Japanese Emperor’s sister has also flown in on her jet, and money transfers have taken place through Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Foundation.  Said funds are illegal, confiscated Colombian drug funds which somehow found their way from Clinton’s Foundation to Indonesia , with the main objective being to steal what does not belong to either the Indonesians, Clintons or the Japanese Emperor’s sister.

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