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The G7 Summit & Their Global Warfare

The G7 countries are notorious for saying one thing and doing another. So, while they are saying Russia should be joining them in their yearly get together, they are in fact concocting plans to avert the successful implementation of the BRICS anti-imperialist reforms.

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The Victory of ‘Perception Management’

Special Report: In the 1980s, the Reagan administration pioneered “perception management” to get the American people to “kick the Vietnam Syndrome” and accept more U.S. interventionism, but that propaganda structure continues to this day getting the public to buy into endless war, writes Robert Parry.

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Are you scared now?

The Cabal is admitting they are losing the information war, and they are blaming Russia for it. They forgot to mention that even inside the United States a huge number of alternative media websites have sprung up especially after the 9/11 WTC attack.

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Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Cure, said Doctors

We’ve been saying these things all  the time… Conventional Medicine doesn’t work, is dangerous and deadly, needlessly costly and outright useless!

mainstream medicine

Mainstream medicine is based on poison chemicals, profit oriented and outside the realm of Good Science. Clinical trials are either doctored, or deliberately ignored to suit a particular agenda. The government itself is not serving the people’s agenda but only those of the corporations.

Now, some doctors are beginning to say the same thing.

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“Navy Seal Killed Obama” – CNN

I almost miss this, but I guess the mainstream media are so frustrated with Obummer for his so-called secret letter to the Iranian President.

Or, maybe the whole Osama Killed bin Laden narrative is crumbling down by the fact that too many have already knew that the real Osama bin Laden died years ago of kidney malfunction.

Oops, Mr President! CNN typo ‘Navy SEAL killed Obama’ has Twitter in stitches (VIDEO)

Published time: November 08, 2014 14:37

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