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‘We Are All Greeks’

Here’s a good rundown which we can all relate to what’s happening over there in Greece. After all, both sides of the Atlantic and thereabouts are being choked and bled upon by the same group of financial Corporatocracy leeches.

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Greeks Go Russian

We are on the eve of another historic talk of progress, this time between Greece and Russia, which should led the Greeks leaving the Eurozone as the latter is trying to sweeten the pie a bit more while the German government is maintaining its inflexible posturing.

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Greek Government To Investigate Bailout

Sick minds are only capable of formulating destructive ideas producing bad results.

The financial trickery of creating wealth out of thin air, and ultimately through the sweat of the Common Man by forcing countries to suffocating cycles of debt has come from the sick notion that the world is really meant to be ruled by the few highly organized bloodlines.

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