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Russia Conducted Military Exercise in English Channel

This is another Fulford confirmation re UK joining the BRICS…

Russian Warship Flotilla Enters English Channel For Military Exercises

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The French delivery of two Mistral ships to Russia may be postponed indefinitely (a move which ultimately would cost Hollande over $4 billion in contract breach penalty fees he simply can’t afford to pay), but that doesn’t mean the Russian navy has been hobbled or is hiding in the corner. To the contrary: according to the following tweet from the UK Ministry of Defense, Russia’s navy is getting quite bolder.

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Aggressive Reciprocity

The ongoing US/NATO vs. Russia Military Exercises are too close for comfort.

We know that the Old Guards are bleeding, and the Reformists are conducting constructive and transparent meetings in quick succession after another in the last few days, we can hardly keep up.

The Ukrainian coup-installed government is in panic mode judging from its volatile stand against humanitarian aid from Russia. They are even bombing the OSCE observers in MH-17 ground zero.

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