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Luciferians Playing Haarp On Us Again 2.0

Every time there’s a forecasted major calamity for my country, US aircraft carrier fleet is surreptitiously nearby. It was the scene back in 2006 during the Guinsaugon landslide; it’s the same during Cat 5 Typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda] last year.

Now, another deadly typhoon is being deliberately steered into this country which will make a landfall on Saturday [December 5]; same strength [Cat 5] and same path, i.e. Central Visayas, where we are actually based on. Updated tracking is available below.

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Philippines and the Covert WW3

In response to the covert war waged by the United States, Inc. against my countrymen, we are starting to publish videos, distribute them locally, which would help them understand what is really going on.

Considering the deeply rooted Catholic religion among 95% of the population, i.e. nearly 400 years of brainwashing, they may have a hard time accepting these facts.

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