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Greek Domino falls, China moves in to pick up the pieces

June 29, 2015

So, it has finally happened, Greece has shut down its banks and imposed capital controls. And so the dominoes start to fall. This is only the first act in a grand opera that will continue to unfold in the coming months. To try to guess what is in store for the European Union, it is good to take a look at how the fall of the Soviet Union took place.

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Russian Military Capabilities

This article serves as a supplement to “Hear These Russian Warnings” from the Executive Intelligence Review.

The US military hegemony may be over when an early iteration of the Sukhoi fighter aircraft buzzed around USS Donald Cook navigating  the Black Sea in April 2014, that shocked its crew.

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Who Is Behind the Drive To Dismember Russia?

by an EIR Intelligence Team

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Dec. 11—Contrary to the line in the orchestrated international media, the current increasing tensions between the NATO nations and Russia, have nothing to do with the “Ukraine conflict,” and the fact that Crimea has rejoined Russia. The conflict stems from the fact, openly identified by numerous Russian government spokesmen, as well as by certain British and U.S. war-party strategists, that the United States and NATO have adopted a policy of strategic confrontation against Russia, including “regime change,” which is intended to force the world’s second greatest nuclear power into subservience to the West. If this policy is not rejected in the West, it will be rejected by Russia, and therefore can only lead to a Third World War, a war of annihilation.
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