Hope is a Scam, just like Authority

Too many today continue to rely on the authority to do the right thing. They are hoping that there are great people in the background working for their welfare and benefit. Yet, just like the hopefuls, the authority can only go so far. Continue reading Hope is a Scam, just like Authority

War is A Racket

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many. Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree. To Hell with war.

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Goebbels, The Master of Lies

“Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs” – Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels turned words into a weapon of mass destruction. Dangerous lies spread by the Nazi regime lead to brutal murders and cruelty that continue to shake minds. Join RT to examine some myths of the Goebbels propaganda that shaped the contours of the human catastrophe of WWII.

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