Sarkozy and Soros send negotiator to visit White Dragon Society but talks inconclusive

Posted by benjamin
April 11, 2011

This weekend a French agent was sent by George Soros, French President Nicholas Sarkozy and other senior Zionists to negotiate with the White Dragon Society. The talks, which lasted for two days, were inconclusive. However, the agent made it clear the European branch of the Zionists truly feared a collapse of the Euro, while their American counterparts are finally beginning to realize they might actually end up in jail. At the same time, their attitude was so haughty it made arrogance seem like a form of humility. They also made many threats but the fact is that they are running scared and they are running out of time.

The agent, who was of Japanese ancestry but who spoke French and English better than Japanese, claimed he came from a super-elite of Japanese Jews who represent 1% of the Japanese population. He kept referring to “average people,” pointing to nearby passersby with contempt as if they were almost an inferior species not worth protecting. Of course it is easy to feel superior if you are born into a world of billions of dollars and servants who do everything for you, including think.

The negotiations took place at the same time as George Soros gathered a bunch of the same old Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg hacks for a “Bretton Woods II” conference that was largely ignored. It was largely ignored because this group has proven, with their rapacious actions over the past few decades, that they are not qualified to run the international financial system.

Not only that, they have been using forged documentation to justify their control over the global financial system. Basically, if you ask them who gave them the right to create money out of thin air, they say it is God. If you ask them to prove that God gave it to them, they suddenly get evasive and embarrassed. God created life and the universe, but God did not create the Federal Reserve Board. It was a bunch of greedy oligarchs who did that.

On a more down to earth level, the $1 trillion Neil Keenan lawsuit is finally reaching a crucial stage. People from all over the world have been providing evidence of crimes by the criminal cabal that owns the Washington D.C. corporate government. The constant flow of new information meant extra-legal preparations were needed and that is why the case has been pending for so long.

In a sign people are getting nervous though, last week Bill Clinton, Carl Rove, Tim Geithner, Paul Volcker and Bilderberg Chairman Ettiene D’avignon were among the many luminaries calling about the case.

The main reason for their concern is that the plaintiffs have now gotten their hands of a book of codes, together with screen shots confirming their validity, that show all major financial transactions of the past 30 years. This means the lawsuit will be able to prove such things as that Al Qaeda and the Pentagon are being financed by the same people.

The military allies of the White Dragon Society, for their part, are seriously considering putting the 1 million or so American Satanists into the Fema camps that were being prepared for American Christians.

The Gnostics, meanwhile, who chased the US military out of Libya and Kosovo, say they have now once again planted a suitcase nuclear bomb near BIS headquarters in Switzerland. They say that unless the financial elite agree to start a meritocratic system of governance over finance that they will “turn all the gold in Swiss vaults into nuclear waste.” These are dangerous people but we have confirmed from multiple intelligence agency sources that they have serious capabilities.

Their more moderate faction is waiting for the right timing to hand over to Wikileaks a set of intercepted e-mails so explosive that “they will topple most Western governments.”

What the megalomaniac financial elite need to realize is that the men with the guns and the senior civil servants and other top intellectuals who were not part of the inbred elite are now awake, aware and angry. They are not going to be lulled back to sleep this time.

The White Dragon Society and its allies have made certain conditions very clear. First of all a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction needs to be fully and immediately financed. Second, the monopoly over the creation and secret distribution of fiat currency by an inbred, self-selected elite, had to end. Third, the world needs a South African style truth and reconciliation commission in order to put an end to the fabric of lies that has been woven around much of humanity. Only then will amnesty be granted and a jubilee (the one-off elimination of all debts both public and private) take place.

The brainwashed portion of humanity is going to have to be told the truth in easy to understand, verifiable stages. As many have said, at first they will be angry but then they will be ecstatic.

Once this has happened, rational negotiations will be needed in order to totally revamp the unfair international regulations and institutions created after World War 2. Only then will humanity will be free at last to develop its full potential.

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24 thoughts on “Sarkozy and Soros send negotiator to visit White Dragon Society but talks inconclusive”

    1. Got one for you that would like to seen cleaned up badly police officers in independence missouri takeing part in sex with 14 yr olds in the area and also gov agents in on it with them this is kinda sick abuse of elderly people breaking of limbs ect.missuse of power of position.Judge Helm drug dealer indep mo usa,Judge watkins works with him on this sometimes.3rd judge not sure if part or not.City Goverment vastly outta controll.Center of crime ring is Judicial/Police/Gov agents so it seems over there.Would love for someone to clean it up,they also are known to leave homless camp to exhist for 2 years then go in and take what they want and to hack into people’s computers and put pediphilia on them if they do not like the person,then confiscate their computers.Im not sure all that goes on in that place but there pretty tight nit bunch of trash if you ask me and need to be put in prison for life if you ask me hopefully you guys can do something about this.

      1. This behavior is perpetrated by some masonic families and the girls who are often daughters of the masons are used with the consent of the parents, as prostitutes. They are defiled all their lives until they can break free but once free are so emotionally damaged that they can barely live any normal life. Most never recover

    2. Those of us whobhave been researching the NWO and who are not asleep have been fighting it by exposing these criminal elite and the banksters who are one and the same starting with the people at the top, the Pope in the vatican ( the black pope that is)with his measly Jesuits who directs the Queen old bat of England, who directs the Rothchilds, Rockefellers,DuPonts, all the satanist ” religious” leaders in the churches who hide beneath their religions like Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts.The CIA drug runners and mind controllers. Etc.

  1. Let’s get going! How can the “inferior species” help! Civil disobedience, write to our leaders, speaking out as I am doing here. . . what can we do to help?! I know many people who are frustrated and who do not have any idea how to make changes, but sincerely wish to. There is no road map to make this happen! We no longer wish to stand on the sidelines and hope for a real change. We wish to BE the change!

    1. Bravo!!! Way 2 go!!! I say, “YES!!!!” There ARE those of us who have no idea as of yet, but want 2 do SOMEthing, if we only knew what! We don’t want 2 feel helpless any longer. Matters are waaaay too important!

  2. i echo the sentiments of the above responses… i, like many among us, want to help, but find ourselves limited by the low station life has thrust upon us. is there an action or measure that those who support the cause can take to show solidarity, or to help with the dismantling of such horrible structures of control?

    the conspiracy of the oligarchs seemed obvious to me years ago, but the inevitable existence of an equally powerful resistance group dawned on me last year as the universal law of balance. if anything can be done, i wish to assist in any way that i can.

    the world is heading for a singularity, in which it will be impossible to turn back. in the absence of any other means to voice my concerns for humanity, i wish all in your organization well in their endeavors to turn the tide, and hope my individual energies can be useful to support your intended ( and hopefully, stated ) goals.

  3. “The solution to World Peace is to *kill* all of the violent people…”
    ~TruthMonger the Younger

    Thank DoGoD [TM] for people like myself, who are only going to
    kill *bad* people. I’ve got a list…my third grade teacher is in
    big, big trouble.
    “I’m Only A Pawn In My Game”

    1. Thanks for sharing the link.

      Actually, when i was still studying free energy, i’ve come across your website. i believe i have bookmarked it not so long ago.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. This is hopeful reading . Hopeful that your post has TRUTH to support results that all Americans and people round the world will see the results of your claims . I have read so much information over the past years it has become difficult to seperate TRUTH from hopeful propaganda. What is the process to become a part of the White Dragon Society, a member if you will. Who are the members that are considered the movers and shakers of this movement ,and please detail what we, the ordinary citizen can do to help. Be specific with your response.

  5. The Haarp program is a weather changer and a mind control machine,It caN CONTROL LIKE IT HAS BEEN FOR AWHILE NOW WITH ALL OF THESE HEAVY

  6. This report is outdated. Sarkozy is gone. Who is the dumb ass in charge of the White Dragons? You jack asses should not be negotiating with these scum bags in the first place. Why haven’t they been shot? This whole f****g changeover and the amount of work to be done will take another 20 years and we all will be dead. T he terrible acts against humanity these bastards have committed don’t deserve to live. You people are a poor excuse for doing this job. No one has any balls to get this scourge over with but instead people are still under tyranny all over the world. And you people dumber than dog shit. The English royalty are fakes. the real royalty was killed off years ago This old hag in Buckingham Palace is not of royal blood. In the meantime you morons hold up the real reason we are here and that is to start our ascension, which I am ready for. I am sick of this planet and I am ready to go home to where we all belong. I can’t understand why God lets certain things happen, but I would think He’d be kicking your asses to clean up this place.
    The entire United States are filled with backstabbers, especially Washington. Now get off your lazy asses and finish this or you will have to confront God for doing a worthless job.

  7. BF closes the article by saying: “Only then will humanity will be free at last to develop its full potential.”

    Have the implicit assumptions in that assertion been examined?

    What exactly is the so-called “full potential” of humanity? Who is included in the term “humanity”?

    Is the full potential of humanity different from the full potential of each individual? Is there a conflict of interest between human society and its individual members?

    Words like “full potential” and “humanity” are like Orwellian doublespeak in their ambiguity, vagueness and generality.

    Orwell’s “Animal Farm” fictional novel followed his “1984” fictional novel. Before you overthrow the tyrants, how can you be sure they won’t be replaced by even worse tyrants? Fascism does not originate from the top down; rather, it originates in individuals and is a result of mass psychology based on authoritarian institutions in society. Transformative change only comes from within each individual through awareness and consciousness.

    The so-called Second Coming was intended to always be a future event that never comes; otherwise, the doctrine would be undermined and put clerics out of business. Actually, the Second Coming occurs at every moment, here and now, for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Similarly, the prophecies in belief systems, destiny systems and scriptures are intended to serve their originators under the pretext of saving or protecting their adherents.

    Likewise, a so-called Peace Process is intended to never reach consensus and conclusion; otherwise, the wrongful party has to face the consequences of its harmful actions.

    Similarly, the various monetary systems and monetary unions are like Ponzi schemes intended to exploit the late comers and further enrich and empower the originators, their successors and assigns. Who are the watchers? Who watches the watchers?


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