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6 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. This is the place, and the time is approaching soon! Access:A New Cure for Cancer (at)

    The new-molecular South-spun Fluid Concept now dove-tails with the famous Seven Year Cellular Rebuild Cycle in your own body. By merely correcting the molecular-spin first, in the fluids that you drink each-day you can extend your lifetime to 1000 years.

  2. Appreciate what you article here.

    I think the world need to know the impact of worms in their life. Most people take much alternative treatment like electric, baking soda, H202 but still difficult to cure because these kind of treatment cannot kill the parasite easily.

    1. I suggest you use an electric “zapper” to kill parasites. Low voltage device, uses only a 9 volt battery. Very effective on humans and animals. Not expensive, just a few dollars. Read all details at “Educate Yourself”, find books by Dr. Hulda Clark at the “Ed-Your” site, where you will also find excellent info at “Robert Beck — the ultimate Zapper.” Or you may simply Google “Zappers” and go from there. LM

  3. Even our very minds and hearts are not to be trusted, while in a fallen spiritual state..

    I have not been on this site for quite some time. I got an email to comment on the blood electrification assembly. While there is a great deal about this web site showing tremendous work in research, those searching for the foundational answers are unlikely to discover their answers in knowledge to fill the mind. The solution to the direction mankind is being taken must acknowledge the dual nature of existence.

    Creation consists of the 5 physical / energetic dimensions, and 7 spiritual dimensions. It is our creator, God, who exists beyond these 12. The foundation of physical existence are the spiritual dimensions, meaning nothing physical can take place until it is first effected in the spiritual.
    It’s known civilization rises and falls as within this age alone, having a list of societies which have of themselves risen and fallen. Knowledge and technologies however, are applicable to the secondary level of our nature, being the physical.

    It’s also known we now live in the last days, as we approach a nexus of events natural to the earth which are long term and cyclical. Expecting the solution sought by, for example the last extremely advanced civilization, dooms one to repeat the results. All one need do is look at the conditions of Mars to see what the earth faces once again, though not likely in the exact same way, as our atmosphere will not be ripped away by a planetary change in positions.

    It is the globalists, the financial elite if you will, which I refer too as the synagogue of Satan, who function as an extension of our spiritual adversary, as well as those of the fallen angelic realm in physical form living beneath the surface.

    The top leadership of those of man, are taking their orders from both the spiritual and physical forms of the fallen angels, who have lost all attributes accept extreme knowledge of technologies and the human condition with all it’s frailties and weaknesses. Of the elites there is the druidic council of 13. The right hand of Satan is the CEO of Earth .Inc. The Pindar. Meaning, penis of the dragon. He is the head of the 13th house, Baron Guy DeRothschild. .

    ,As communicated obscurely like all their language since the time of the confusing of languages, He is represented by the phalic symbol in the 3 city states of London, Washington and the Vatican.
    It is actually language once again, which confounds to the so called wise of the world, as such men communicate at a grade 2 level, even for the PhD. As the perfect language rises among those who are the key to saving mankind though they be a remnant, it is a language of perfection, because it functions in concert with the prepared heart.

    Counter to this along with an advancing technological society destroying the brick & mortar global economy, are the macroeconomic funnels forcing those who adapt to survive by accepting conditions necessary for continuance, by accepting the destruction of their foundational and eternal spiritual.lives.

    I speak of the biometric authentication coming as a result of the economic cascade of destruction forced by the central banking system of the globalists. Their solution blending all institutions of man will require survivors of airborne plagues and the effects of the next PASSOVER of the death star and pole shift to follow, to either have their heads taken by shiria law of the Muslim, or accept the coming false worship of the Sunday law, and learn the use of quantum parse syntax grammar math interface. in order to buy or sell. For the uninitiated, it was mortgage contracts which were syntaxed as to their grammer, which brought the collapse of the economy in 2008.

    It is Petrus Romanus who gives the crowns for positions of royalty. It is he who the central money changers answer too. He, is the international post master.

    If one cannot connect on a spiritual level with God by seeking him in repentive prayer, perhaps because they don’t actually believe in him, then there is little opportunity to hear what his Holy spirit in the world is saying. Remember our very physical form is a manner of physical duplication of that which is in spiritual existence. All things in the world are but a fleeting shadow, reflecting that which exists in the greater spiritual reality beyond the realm of time itself which is the 4th dimension.

    Why is the real war for the very soul of man? Because the last thing the adversary wants is for you to comprehend your nature. Do ye not know ye are gods ? Angels bound in the physical to find their specific destiny as sons and daughters of God. To fulfill your purpose given before the foundations of the world. To return to that from which you came. To conquer at least the first dragon while still alive which is the self. To replace by free will all that we are, with the mind of the son of man, and the love of the Holy spirit, bringing into submission all we are unto every thought of the mind and intent of the the birthing of our eternal light.

    Consider the greatest writings being the bible, yet using the Holy spirit as a guide for understanding, rather than only the natural mind. See also one who does this best among us.

    144,000 Revealed by a Major Jewish Prophet (The Great Tribulation


    . . .

    1. Your comment reflects the deceit of the Khazarian Mafia. The Khazarian Mafia is described and clarified by several articles published by veteranstoday com.
      One thousand words of intellectual deceit remains deceit, which is the gist of your response.

      1. Just noticed your comment. Let it be known then just to clarify, I am the opposite of the synagogue of satan. I am a first fruit under the direction of the ten of Zechariah 8:23 and the teachings of Elijah. Here is one example of one of those I discovered along the way before I found Elijah and the ten.
        Let me know if this alters your perspective. My email is

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