Flight 370 & Global Shutdown of Israel Embassies

Here’s an interesting update from Jim Stone regarding Malaysian Flight 370, and its probable relation to the global shutdown of Israeli Embassies…

Staff strike forces Israeli embassies to shut worldwide

IANSBy Indo Asian News Service | IANS – 13 hours ago

Jerusalem, March 24 (IANS) Israeli foreign ministry workers began a general strike Sunday, effectively shutting down all diplomatic services in Israel and around 103 foreign missions abroad.

An internal e-mail sent from the the foreign ministry’s workers union to its employees and published by the Ha’aretz daily said the strike would begin 3 p.m. Sunday, and in the missions abroad the strike will commence Monday, Xinhua reported.

“The Foreign Ministry headquarters will be closed to all activities,” it said. “All workers in all positions are ordered to stay away from the office. Israeli missions abroad will be closed as of Monday March 24.”

The strike will go on indefinitely, the workers said, until the treasury improves their employment conditions and withdraws its plan to cut workers’ salaries.

This is the first time since the establishment of the state in 1948 that its embassies throughout the world will shut down at once.

The strike will include a complete halt in all diplomatic activities, including organising official visits abroad and transferring diplomatic cables among missions. There would be no issuing of passports or visas into Israel.

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RED ALERT! Possible use for flight 370 found

John wrote:

Israel closes embassies all over the world as diplomats go on indefinite strike:

(RT) “Israeli ambassadors abroad will not go to work, no consular services will be available, and Israel will not be represented at any international gatherings during the strike. Even the Foreign Ministry’s political leadership and management will be locked out.”

That’s too coincidental.

Israel is a delegate nation at NSS. I guess now this means they’ve pulled out at the last minute. (Remember the lucky folks who didn’t go to work morning of 9/11 because they were tipped off?) Pulling out of all embassies world wide makes total sense too and possibly another clue to this being a false flag event in the making with the pretext of attacking Iran. Once they attack Iran they wouldn’t want their people anywhere in the world being targeted by angry Iranians and other sympathizers seeking revenge.

My comment:

Vanishing Israelis and Jews from important places has indeed happened before, on 911 and when all Magna BSP employees working Fukushima returned to Israel just before the tsunami and nuclear disaster. This is spooky, DAMN SPOOKY considering the disappearance of flight 370. Something big is coming, COUNT ON IT, and DON’T FALL FOR THE OFFICIAL LIE WHEN IT HAPPENS.

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One thought on “Flight 370 & Global Shutdown of Israel Embassies”

  1. Having worked in the Diplomatic arena for some 14 years many moons ago, I am fully aware that this shutdown looks like a nation is getting ready for something large and attacking Iran would be something Israel would do. It is ;possible that with all the focus on MH-370 and the crisis in Crimea and the Ukraine that now would be a good time for Israel to make their move. They have been, for a long time now, rattling sabres’ and sounding off about Iran’s Nuclear capability. Their leader BN almost starts frothing at the mouth every time he mentions Iran and will attack Iran at the first available opportunity. The irony is, that the man is almost the same age as me and from my prospective demonstrates his lack of intelligence sometimes on a daily basis

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