US Delegation is attending Historic, Pivotal Belt and Road Summit

No matter what the Western mainstream media are saying, China’s Belt and Road Initiative are threatening the Western hegemony that is founded on unpayable debt and war proliferation. Not to be left out, the Trump government covertly opposed its own rhetoric and has sealed a number of agreements with its Chinese counterparts.

This is unprecedented, considering that years ago, it was the United States under Obama which pressured other G7 member states not to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, one of three development banks organized to finance the planned infrastructure projects collectively called the New Silk Road.

China aims at raising the economic conditions of all countries traversed by the Belt & Road Land-Bridge in order to give them the capability to understand how power is being misused by the other side of geopolitical spectrum.

The Rothschild financial media are still calling it a “distant dream.” But every project that China has undertaken is always big.

The extremely ambitious Chinese project known as One Belt, One Road is becoming a reality with every passing day. As you must know, the project is designed to create a web of transport routes all across Eurasia to allow faster transfer of people, goods and resources. Despite the fact that the project is described as an “economic belt”, it would be more accurately described by the term “network”, since there is not a single route connecting Europe and Asia that it would leave unimproved. One Belt, One Road is going to transform all the main trade routes of the Eurasian continent. But it doesn’t stop just there since the vast African continent is also going to enjoy the benefits of this vast network.

Moreover, China is wise enough to realize that one of the ways it can neutralized the number of imperial military bases encircling it is to bring as many counties into its own geopolitical orbit and its non-aggressive Oriental culture.

To retard this initiative, six of the G7 countries refused to attend the summit. But in the last few days, scores of economic agreements were arrived at between the Trump government and China:

“China has released the first round of achievements under the China-US Economic Cooperation 100-Day Plan. The achievements cover a wide range of areas, including trade, financial services and use of energy. The 100-Day Plan aims to pump new momentum into the existing economic cooperation between Beijing and Washington. CGTN’s Wang Fan has more.”

In order to offset the trade imbalance between the two countries, the US will supply beef and natural gas to China, while the latter can unload its surplus steel production for the massive reconstruction of its “Third World infrastructure.”

The British Empire has been doing its best to prevent a closer Trump-Xi and Trump-Putin collaborations by unleashing the “Assad chemical attack” false flag using its own organized White Helmets false humanitarian operatives serving only in areas controlled by Al-Nusra militants.

This subsequently resulted to Trump’s dropping of 59 Tomahawks with a 2-hour window for the Russians to move their military installations and forces away from the target airfield.

On top of that, the White House sneaked through a Trump-Lavrov meeting which has left the mainstream media in utter disgust recently, i.e. the “Russians are here, “has conquered the White House,” or now the “White House is bugged.”

This was after the FBI director was ousted for not having addressed the Deep Swamp properly.

But the deal has been sealed with Russia and China in a big way.

Now, the US has announced it is attending the summit:

“With a little over 24 hours until the opening of the Belt and Road Initiative forum in Beijing, the United States has officially announced that in fact a delegation will be attending, representing the US and the Trump Administration. Our webcast features numerous exciting and fast-moving developments as the world is transformed by this vision of win-win cooperation and peace through development which the British imperialists have tried so desperately to derail, including with the attempted political coup ongoing against the Trump Administration.”

Of course, the East will never assume that it’s all sweet and rosy from here on. There will surely be some bumps along the way. But our shared experience in the last four years since its announcement proves that it’s the only viable way to supplant the geopolitical ambitions of the few.

Again, it may not be the perfect alternative that we wanted, but it will force the economic rise of many, as it has done in China itself, i.e. where more than 800 million have been uplifted from poverty.

China knows it’s the only way the corrosive mindset could be overcome, i.e. how can one tackle the high profile global issues when the priority is to survive a given day?

We cannot implement the resource-based economic concept when the Western Oligarchy is already laying the groundwork on how to exploit a cashless society.

The Chinese-led Eurasian Land-Bridge, dubbed as “One Belt, One Road” economic development may be the transition that we all need, and the opportunity when we can destroy the monopolies and set the dark forces at bay.

3 thoughts on “US Delegation is attending Historic, Pivotal Belt and Road Summit”

  1. “Death Blow” – Geopolitical Overview – Saturday – May 13, 2017


    Watergate became an impeachable offense once the nation actually heard President Nixon talking directly about the Democratic Headquarters break in.

    Meaning, a sitting US President had both knowledge of a crime and was complicit.

    Sounds a lot like President Trump. But I digress….

    This evidence is what Congress needed to demand his impeachment and ultimately receive Nixon’s resignation in exchange for a lifetime pardon by new President Gerald Ford.

    Ironically, Nixon was the President that took us off the gold standard. And Trump’s upcoming resignation will ultimately lead America to restoring the gold standard.

    It has been shared with me that there is a similar evidentiary taped conversation recorded between then candidate Donald Trump and a top Russian diplomat–not named Putin–whereby Trump acknowledges removing Russian sanctions for special financial considerations via his real restate condo sales.

    You’ll actually hear Trump’s voice accepting payment for future services rendered on behalf of a foreign government.

    Notice now all the Nixon/Trump comparisons suddenly in the news. Like magic–connecting us emotionally to the legal precedents of our past.

    So totally scripted. But whatever….

    Also notice how Trump said he had a “tape” of his dinner with Comey. That was leaked to plant his taped dinner conversation with the Russian diplomat into your subconscious mind for later.

    Once this comes out, everyone will call for his resignation and or impeachment on charges of treason, and voila… his resignation will spit out and Mike Pence will be inserted into the Presidency like Vice President Gerry Ford.

    Monetarily, the thinking is once this “death blow” audio recording is released, that’s also the high sign to release our 800#s.

    A Trump flash bang = the RV. And away humanity goes.

    What’s fascinating about how they’re going to start the transactional element of the RV, is how it exactly lines up with what we believe the spiritual transitional event–the release of the Third Secret of Fatima circa May 13, 1917 in Portugal (exactly 100 years ago Saturday at 8:30am EDT).

    Which we understand may be the “death blow” to the Roman Catholic Church given that an unholy anti-Christ element has gained full control of the church back in the mid-19th century when the papacy became a fully Italian / Jesuit authority versus a traditional mix of Italian & Spanish (Chinese) sovereign blood.

    Yup, you read that right. Sovereign Chinese families had teeth deep into the Vatican dating back to its origins.

    Remember, ancient cultures have created the world–so why wouldn’t Ancient Asian Families assist in shaping Christianity post Crucifixion or After Damnation (AD).

    If memory serves me correct the first full Illuminati papacy was with the death of Pope John XXll in 1963, who was murdered after being elected by the Spanish / Italian College of Cardinals and replaced quietly by the all Italian Jesuits.

    The Spanish (Chinese) arm of the church was forced to scatter because the Jesuits were doing their own inquisition and Spanish side owned church gold was hidden in the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia and yes Vietnam.

    That’s why American forces were deployed for the Vietnam War–to retrieve Vatican gold–Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and Cambodia too.

    These wars had nothing to do with stopping the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. Shameful all the lies.

    A hidden Spanish Pope was also secretly elected by the ousted Spanish Cardinals named Father Jose Antonio Diaz (aka Col. Severino Sta. Romana).

    An Oscar award winning movie was made about his life called, “Shoes of a Fisherman.”

    Ferdinand Marcos was a young brilliant attorney assigned to protect Father Diaz and His Vatican gold for the Chinese Elders.

    In exchange for his legal genius and loyalty, he received a percentage of said Vatican gold stored around the world, and was allowed to claim additional stolen European Aristocrat gold hidden in the Philippines islands by Nazi’s years earlier.

    Hopefully, this post opens your mind to the depth of deceit imposed upon humanity by our former cabal controllers.

    Crazy stuff I know, yet everything and everyone is connected. And it’s time we as a single species began living our truth versus burying it and going to war.

    God is with us.


  2. “non-aggressive Oriental culture” … This is only true relative to warmonger states USA/Israel. I saw a video a few weeks ago that described how Chinese construction companies developing Sri Lanka are making a huge land grab, kicking out the native land owners without compensation. (The local officials were bribed.) And Chinese investment money stays mostly in Chinese hands, because the construction workers and engineers are Chinese, working for Chinese companies.

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