See, that’s no chemical weapons factory, Mr. Trump

Mission accomplished, that’s how Triumphant Trump congratulated himself after the missile attacks on an alleged chemical weapons factory used to gas Syrian civilians in Ghouta, days ago, in compliance to the Deep State narrative that the Assad government is killing its own people, which therefore, requires the highly indispensable Western intervention .

But the reality in ground zero is exactly the opposite.

Nobody is wearing any chemical suit after the Trumpian missiles hit this particular “chemical weapons plant.”

Now, compare that to the Skripal investigations where everyone, at least, wore the mandatory plastic props, made in China probably, to signify that they are indeed dealing with deadly toxins…

… supposedly right at the door knob.

Yeah, we can excuse the London police who were there maskless, too, in the immediate aftermath of the Skripal false flag. They’re not part of the earlier briefing.

The fully documented destruction of Syrian chemical weapons was the first Russian intervention, which put the Deep State on the defensive.

On 23 June, the head of OPCW, Ahmet Üzümcü, announced in The Hague that the last of Syria’s declared chemical weapons had been shipped out of the country for destruction. The last 8% of the chemical stockpile was loaded onto ships at Latakia. … On 4 January 2015, the OPCW confirmed that the destruction was completed. – Wikipedia

Reviving the same strategy right now is just showing that the Western criminal cabal is running out of ammunition by which they can implement their Greater Israel Plan and control the sea and land based gas fields in the region.

Everybody should watch this video in order to understand the bigger problem in Syria that the Western population needs to see. After all, it’s their taxes which made this hell possible.

Even the two-state solution is not something that the Jews deserve. Apartheid Israel must go inside the United States instead, where they are mostly welcome by the government and its Jewish friendly people.

The same people who are barely surviving the onslaught of chemical attacks in their municipal water supply, legislated mandatory vaccinations, full legalization of chemotherapy that even the prescribing doctors are not willing to take, and the genetically modified industrial food sources that they are forced to partake.

Apathy, indeed, is not without cost.

29 thoughts on “See, that’s no chemical weapons factory, Mr. Trump”

    1. As HW Bush was purported to have said, if the American people know what we have done, they will drag onto the street and lynch us! Something to the effect– not the exact quote, but close!

  1. ONLY when the EXPOSURE of WHO the REAL Jews are from the FAKE ones will the world saved from ISRA-HELL’s Satanic goals.
    Also includes exposure of what the VATICAN’s role is in world affairs.

    1. You know what is sad to me– is that the whole global scenario at the top is so complex and so much truth remains hidden from ordinary people– because it is not revealed due to behind the scenes arrangements or pacts– as Putin said in his interview with Soloviev– every player (nation) looks to achieve only its own interests– but then situations arise, where nations have to arrive at an agreement which works for all– which is damaging to none of the parties bound to the agreement.

      Trouble is, us ordinary cusses, have no clue what is going on behind the scenes. Yes, some genuinely worry that Russia is too soft on Israel– but when none knows the full story– how can they judge?– especially in situations as explosive as we have witnessed unfolding in the ME– in Syria, Gaza and also the ongoing Palestinian situation and not forgetting the Kurds…

      Case in point– Trump strikes Syria; Syria defends herself well– oh me lord!– people go mad criticising Russia for not setting the US on its ear there and then– for not supplying Syria with S-400’s — but especially, as is happening now– even Putin admirers, say he needs to up his game as the US only understands a full on returned military response.

      These couch potatoes suddenly become top military experts and call out Putin and Russia as weak and scared— sorry but it really gets my goat! How ruddy shortsighted and actually basically blind — not only ordinary people, but supposedly seasoned journalists still remain! When Putin is nobody’s fool and neither are the highly experienced military strategists and experts surrounding him!

      When some amongst us definitely know that Putin knows of US/UK/Europe and Israel transgressions of the past– I mean really grave and horrific ones– still while officially not a word is there to confirm what many of us have come to learn through our own investigations– then one comprehends just how complex global politics are. As I said in the beginning– its all about protecting interests that these horrible truths of the past remain secret– are hardly every revealed by global leaders– no matter how bad things get.

      With this background the case– and full scale bloody media wars the order of the day– it still is us ordinary folks who lose out– while only a small percentage of us know what is really going on– the moment attempt to inform our fellows– our comments are not acceptable… get deleted. As if by bringing the truth we are attempting to stoke unrest! Ludicrous!

      In other words deception at the top, due to pacts and arrangements between global leaders, keep the common man in ignorance– like a mushroom left in the dark– not worthy of knowing the truth– while only a few seekers of the truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how ugly it is– know quite a bit about what is going on behind the scenes at the top– but not even the relatively informed amongst us, are considered worthy of knowing it all– only our taxes are!

      That is what puzzles me. I mean– If we share the truth with each other and with others– naturally it makes virtually no difference– because it carries no weight– but if for instance, Putin brings the same truth to light– then of course, its backed by official evidence and it instantly hits the headlines– no longer relegated as a conspiracy theory– ha ha!– while of course the west will do their best to shoot it down!

      So I ask– How can the world progress towards God honesty– when our past and even our present, remain hidden from us all– ensures we remain divided and set up against each other? What a screwed up world!

      1. CONFU$ION….Like every thing el$e….IT I$ ENGINEERED… u$ual $CUM !

        * *
        Karl Rove’s Prophecy: “We’re an Empire Now, and When We Act, We Create our Own Reality”

        “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, CREATING other NEW REALITIES, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. WE’RE HI$TORY’$ ACTOR$… . . AND you, ALL of YOU, WILL be LEFT to..JUST STUDY
        WHAT WE DO.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004).

        Rove served as a “high official” at the “court” of George W. Bush.

    1. Oh, u mean the pro vaccines coward Bernie who hides behind his houses when promoting Marxism is what America needs now after being SO AFRAID to stand up AGAINST those rotting by day Clintons😅

  2. Wish I could have given the one who wrote this a 1000 up votes– and more, I was a magician too– capable of writing this short essay in flaming letters across the global sky!

    Thank you for your tireless commitment to open hearts and minds!~

  3. Excellent conference
    ..How is it the Russians can give news conferences, with any questions from any news agency, and come across as actually answering those questions, but when we have an Amerikan or British Conference its usually by invite only and to questions already vetted so all we get is sound bytes and unsubstantiated accusations?

  4. Despite the chaos of this week, President Donald Trump remains “laser beam” focused on protecting America.
    This President, when all of this is going on, is focused, like a laser beam, on protecting America.
    I’ve never seen him get distracted. He is a very focused guy. He is a disciplined guy and that’s why he won the presidency.
    I think we’re much more respected and safer today since he became President.

  5. I believe the best solution to the “Jewish” problem is to bring ALL the Jews (real and fake) of the world and wall them off within Palestine and under Palestinian Management for the next 60 years. Sending them somewhere else would be akin to spreading the virus to again metastasize at a later date. The Jews could then be on the receiving end of all that love and caring they inflicted upon the Palestinians. Karma would then be served.

    1. Actually Only the FAKE Jews (Khazarian/Zionist/Satanist) needs to be removed…The REAL Jews would become the BEST replacement, because of THEIR “Experience” of the worst of what has happened to mankind since THEIR “Fall from Grace” and UNDERSTANDING of WHO “GOD” is.
      Watch a DVD called: “Out of Darkness” to capture THAT meaning.

    1. I wouldn’t TRUST Any info posted from “Silver Doctors”!…Like many other “Financial site” They LIE a LOT about everything (laugh!) I only watch most sites ONLY as a (Keep you ENEMIES Closer venue) reading BETWEEN THE LIES THEY POST…From a fully Researched and INFORM prospectus.
      THAT way you can SPOT all the LIES.
      The REAL reason for the WHOLE fiasco of the middle east goes MUCH “Deeper” than financial matters and is “Ancient”.
      Watch the vidoes: “The LIE NASA told” for Huge clues!

      1. ORGAN HARVESTING……and people traffiking… in the CHAO$ of “war”… a “known”… such an extent one wonders IF……….

        IT I$ $IMPLY on the “shopping -list” …of those WHO ENGINEER WAR……aka…
        $TEAL ORGANS……$TEAL OIL……Traffick people…….and perpetrate ALL other
        EVIL$ that will generate……$HEKEL$ !
        * * *
        Some HISTORICAL articles…….


        When the spoils of war are human organs
        Bill Clinton’s Kosovo ‘freedom fighters’ trafficked in body parts
        * * *
        PM Hashim Thaci: The Monster of Kosovo

        We stumbled upon this article by an AMERICAN DEFENSE LEAGUE (ADL) about Kosovo’s de facto Prime Minister Hashim Thaci regarding his involvement in organ trade, “Yellow house” and Kosovo mafia. Also there are some pretty strong accusations about Boris Yelcin taking bribe in exchange for his silence during the bombing of FRY in 1999 and his promise not to arm the Serbs, from the Swiss account of MABEX owned by Pacoli. As usual, the symbol for manipulation and funding of regime change everywhere -Soros appears here also as a supporter of Kosovo mafia. Here is the full article:

        “It was Council of Europe Investigator Dick Marty’s Swiss Investigation that led to the accusation that the installed Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) terrorists were the organizers and leaders behind the kidnapping of Serbs, who were mostly young people, off the streets of Kosovo and then transporting them to the Yellow House in the Albanian mountains for the sole purpose of extracting their organs and selling them throughout Europe.

      2. Archived TONY PODESTA represents Albanian Gov; Thaci, CGI, KLA, Albanian Mafia & Human Trafficking (pizzagate)
        * * *
        * * *
        There is an article on BIN…yup…the site has an “aroma” of di$INfo…that suggests that the father of PODESTA was Josef Mengele; ORGAN THEFT is in “the blood” !

        “Dr. Mengele Likely was John Podesta’s Father” Say Espionage Historians Known for Record of Peculiar Accuracy, Citing Significant Circumstantial Evidence

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was Dr. Mengele’s father when you consider How Many Nazi’s were rescued by the USA and Vatican using “Operation Paper Clip” after WW2 was WON by the Nazi’s…NOT the USA.
    When a country WINS a war they usually OCCUPY the country to where they CHANGE everything to suit THEIR desires.
    Just step back and WATCH What is happening since WW2 ended to the USA and you will SEE it has become just as FASCIST as the Nazi’s were…WORSE!
    They even named one of the newer support agencies after Hitler’s Germany called “Homeland Security” right after 9/11…GET-IT???

  7. OooooH I almost forgot…The Bush family are Nazi’s too…Right from Germany after a Name change…LOOK how far THEY came up the ladder in the USA…Presidents???
    Its also not secret that traitors in this country tried a Nazi take over here back in 1934 BEFORE WW2 started!
    Read all about it in retired General Smedly Butler’s book: “War is a Racket”!

  8. EVERYONE!…Should read the latest article posted at Paul Craig Roberts site, because it comes CLOSEST to WHAT the REAL reason why America is destined to FAIL…IF certain GROUPS of people don’t AWAKEN Soon:
    Only in a couple of areas is he slightly wrong about, but otherwise DEAD-On!!!
    What WE as “HuMan Beings” MUST recognize is that there is ONLY ONE RACE on this planet.
    We NEED to rid this planet of RACISM…and the BEST way to accomplish that is for OUR REAL History to be EXPOSED, and the ones MOST responsible for EXPOSED as LIARS…THEN REMOVED…PAST AND PRESENT!!!

    1. GO$H Kenneth….. there is ONLY ONE RACE on this plane(t) ? !
      AND….there was me thinking the a$hkeNAZI khazar “joo$” came from el$ewhere;
      THEIR DI$TINCT and…..OTHER “dimen$ion” ORIGIN….being the “key” to the….
      “CHO$INITI$”…….behaviours……THEY……di$-PLAY !

      Rabbi Laitman – “We (jews) Are Aliens From Another Galaxy”

      Cor blimey O’Reilly, as we say in the UK when expressing surprise !
      I AM JUST WONDERING…..IF……the “joo$” are AWAKENING….to the fACT
      that……WE are….. “ON to THEM”…….and are becoming concerned about
      ……THEIR future as…..TRE$PA$$ER$…to these lands ?

      HOW CAN WE ALL BE the SAME when the “joo$” …..DISINGENUOU-$LY…
      “PROFE$$”…….CHO$ENITE status ?

      I $U$PECT…..a CHANGE of NARRATIVE is in the “offing” !
      Crimes of the Bolsheviks
      The book ….’A Sea Of Blood: The Truth About Bolshevik Russia’ by Dr Gregor
      “PAINT$”…the perpetrators as…..a “breed-apart”…displaying “behaviours
      reserved”, fortunately …by a FEW !
      ‘A Sea Of Blood: The Truth About Bolshevik Russia’ by Dr Gregor

      1. @BeLIEve
        I fully understand where you are coming from about this and agree with with you about MOST of it.
        If you have researched the REAL history of ALL Mankind, you should have learned that the HU-Man (God-Man) BE-Ing is actually a fractural PART of God.
        What happen to get US into the mess we are in Now, was cause by a “Rebellion” by certain group of “Creator Beings” that wrongfully decided to go against “Divine Providence” (Prime Source Creator) to SEE what would happen when going in an “Opposite” direction of “Divine Light” into “Darkness”.
        Lucifer was the leader of this group that went THIS direction and along with the group only known to US as “The Fallen Angels” (Archons)
        Although being FROM Divine Providence, They decided to rebel and as a result of THAT rebellion, they were “Confined” to this planet by Prime Source Creator (Prison-Planet)
        Lucifer goes by several names (SET/ Satan/Etc) and is the founder of ALL present forms of RELIGION and GOVERNMENT (Both mean “Mind-Control”)…Which lead to the creation of the MONEY system of International Control.
        ALL of it being Lucfifer’s control grid, including the so-called “SECRET Space Program”…Which actually exist UNDER the Earth’s ground and NOT above.
        Mankind (3D) has NEVER left this planet beyond the “Van Allen Belt”

        The “AshkaNazi’s” (Kharzarian’s are PART of Satan’s group) and are NOT even PART the ORIGINAL Hebrew Nation.
        Since ANYONE who aligns themselves with Satan/ Lucifer cannot be INCLUDED with God’s creation BECAUSE of His rebellion…They MUST suffer the SAME fate as Lucifer did…and NO Longer considered Hu-Man (God’s Men)
        According to sources Lucifer, upon SEEING this disaster he created HERE has been “UN-Created” some time ago.
        All that is Left of thie rebellion group is some “Stasis beings” who make up the “Chimera Group” who still try to hold on as long as they can, or will be ALLOWED to do.
        This is the group making up the SSP managed from Antartican and BELOW the earth’s surface.
        THEY WON’T FOR LONG THOUGH! MOST of their BUMB’s have been removed or destroyed.
        So, Although THESE types of people WERE once Hu-man Be-ings they are NOT by THEIR own choices and will be “UN-Created” just as Lucifer was…VERY SOON.

    2. Kenneth
      My understanding of the “situation” is there are at least TWO DISTINCT created
      “editions” of man.
      1. ManKIND…..created by The Prime Creator; The Creator of the Organic paradise
      that is…… The Planes Domains and Dominions of Earth.

      Science Has Found Evidence of God (Video)

      Surprisingly, all the evidence they’ve discovered points out to the existence of a Creator or a Supreme Intelligent Being who…PERFECTLY engineered…
      EVERYTHING…..that exists in the universe.

      Instead of disproving the existence of God, most scientists concluded that the more they discovered about the beginning of life, the more it proves Genesis 1:1 in the Bible, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth.”


      * * *

      The…..SECOND version…of “man”…i$……HUe-man….a …$atanic “type” crea$HUN.

      Hue….meaning……in the LIKENESS of….aka…….a COPY… created with HEINOUS
      intent to DUPE…..ManKIND; the Title holder to the entirety of the creation, of the entirety of the Planes Domains and Dominions of Earth.

      Aka….. a “Trojan horse”…..with the appearance of ManKIND as a means of

      As STATED by …Rabbi Michael Laitman…the “joo$” from another “galaxy” were given the….”form”…..of…THOSE of US who are ManKIND.

      NO….the “joo$” were….NOT “GIVEN” …the “form” of ManKIND !

      In TRUE “joo” style…..ManKINDs….DNA was….”acquired”/STOLEN…to construct…..COPIE$.
      ADDED to the STOLEN DNA of ManKIND was….the “dna”….of the DEGENERATE …mutt-ANT$…..WHO$E AGENDA…WA$ & I$……DOMINATION… “uber alles”.

      HUe-man…I$ a ……FRACTURAL part of ManKIND…a…”knock-off”….a FRAUDULENT
      “copy”…an…..INFERIOR version…..LACKING the ESSENTIAL essence of ManKIND,
      due to the FACT that The Prime Creator ….LOCKED the BLUEPRINT.

      The DISPARITY that exists between ManKIND and….HUe-man “joo$”…..
      is the…..result of….a….FAILED ATTEMPT…. to COPY ManKIND.
      The….FAILURE…man-I-FE$T-ing…in….paedophilia…ambiguity of gender…..
      the LYING… & THIEVING of BANK$TER “joo$” ……the JE$T of a “caught” CYSTem
      …..lamentable “politician$”…..endle$$ engineering of WAR$…..POI$ON PHARMA
      A CAVEAT being, it may have been the intention, at the outset; on the part of the…..DNA THIEVES…to create the “joo$” as a ManKIND lookalike….
      PORTRAYING…all the “attribute$…of a….HANNIBAL LECTER/Herod hybrid.
      * *
      Kenneth QUOTE…..If you have researched the REAL history of ALL Mankind, you …SHOULD HAVE LEARNED that…. the HU-Man (God-Man) BE-Ing is actually a fractural PART of God.

      Ye$ Kenneth the….HUe-man (God-Man) BE-ing…..I$ actually….a fractural PART of God… a TERTIARY “route” …as a…RE$ULT of THEFT ! !

      INTEGRITY of The Prime Creator ManKIND……carries the “Prime Creator God of
      The Great I Am…..OF…..WHOM….I …AM.
      I, integrity of The Prime Creator….”carry”…..THE God of…*MY….CREATION*….
      The….GREAT…I …AM…..within me…as ……I….AM…a….creation….of……The Prime
      Creator……The…..Great I Am.
      I…AM……an…..A U T H E N T I C ….FRACTURAL…PART…..of The Prime Creator.
      As are, other integrity of The Prime Creator……members of ManKIND.

      The…HUe-man “joo$”..are a CON-FAB-U-LEY-$HUN…of…..STOLEN/UNLAWFULLY “accquired” DNA….that render$ them….NOT……. of The Prime Creator…”integrity”…
      1. STOLEN DNA.
      2. MIXED with a……FORBIDDEN/Not of The Prime Creator…. “entity”
      3. SPAWNING……of an UNLAWFULLY….”created”…..”entity”…
      the… “joo”/a$hkeNAZI khazar ! !

      NO TITLES…..blessings….conferments……gifts…..TRAN$FER…to…..STOLEN
      ….UNLAWFULLY & HEINOUSLY CONCOCTED….crea$HUN$….brought into being by

      The LEGACIES of The Prime Creator The Great I Am of whom I AM…SIT…..
      within those of us who are…Integrity of The Prime Creator creations.

      The “joo$” were created by..WHOEVER “wielded” the…PIPETTE.. of STOLEN DNA !

      The “joo$” …ARE……NOT…..”of”…..The Prime Creator.

      The…CREATOR..of the “joo$”…was.a….DNA THIEF….AND……one can only speculate……WHAT EL$E ! ! !

      * * *
      As I, unfortunately and…..NON-CONSENSUALLY…..have a “personal” connection to these FILTH and THEIR mutt-ANT$…a connection I am not going to elaborate on… is patently obvious to me that the…..$CUM…have NO INTENTION…of ceasing their
      DEGENERATE MUTANT lawless, spineless activities.
      At best THEY are CIRCLING the …STOLEN WAGON$…BUT….$TOP…..
      NOT in a MILLION YEAR$ !
      As evidenced by the recent BOMBING of Syria in…RETALIATION……for an event
      that ….DID NOT OCCUR !
      * * *
      The so-called…”Secret Space” programme…”may” include underground but its
      CORE AGENDA IS….the outer lands of Flat Earth…with the “SECRET”….TR3B advanced aircraft….. acting in a “ferrying” capacity.

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