Trump Throws Some WTC911 Bones to Distract US from Oman Gulf False Flag Failure

As we already know by now, Donald Trump suffered significant losses worldwide when his duly-approved false flag operation against Iran did not gain any traction, as the victims, the Norwegian-owned ‘Front Altair’ and the Japanese-owned ‘Kokuka Courageous in this case, didn’t buy the White House narrative.

He must recover from the fallout all too quickly to keep his support base, which is very critical for the 2020 elections.

It was not Iraq. It was other people. And I think I know who the other people were.

US President Donald Trump has cryptically suggested he knows who is responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but would not name the names.

His patent arrogance dictates that he can throw some bones around, and the Americans will surely thank him for it because it’s so rare for a sitting US president to acknowledge the fact that it was not Iraq, which sent its amateur pilots to the World Trade Center towers that killed more than 3000 civilians in September 11, 2001.

Yet, what does it matter what he knows, when those that did it are still roaming free around the farm?

Ironically, both the WTC911 and the Oman Gulf events are all false flag operations. But trust The Q Plan, we are told… that this is a 4D strategy which can only be successfully implemented through a man like him.

The Real Resistance

The good news is: Iran has recently dismantled “a network of CIA cyber-espionage officers.” Said operation involved “arrests, detention and punishment of several spies in different countries.”

Iran has dismantled a CIA-run “large US cyber-espionage” network, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reported, citing the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani.

“Given the cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries in creating an ‘international organisation to counter American espionage’, we provided our partners with information that led to the disclosure and dismantling of a network of CIA officers, as well as detention and punishment of several spies in different countries”, the senior official said.

Shamkhani added that since some aspects of the case have already been disclosed by the CIA itself, the Ministry of Intelligence can also publish the documents.

The development comes a few days after Iran urged the United States to cease “warmongering” and false flag operations in the region after Washington accused Tehran of being behind attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Not use to accepting failures, the Pentagon under Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan is sending 1000 troops to “address air, naval, and ground-based threats in the Middle East.”

Sources from the UN said that the US is actually planning a “tactical assault on Iran” in response to the failed Gulf of Oman false flag. The UN officials claimed that “the Trump administration has been holding non-stop discussions involving senior military commanders and advisers to President Donald Trump since Friday, the Jerusalem Post reported.”

Interestingly, China warned the US against such military deployment. Speaking from Teheran, Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi made the remarks during a joint press conference with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem in Beijing on Tuesday.

“We call on all sides to remain rational and exercise restraint, and not take any escalatory actions that irritate regional tensions, and not open a Pandora’s box,” he said. “In particular, the US side should alter its extreme pressure methods.”


What we see from looking at the big picture is a cadre of  desperate corporate thugs who are no longer in control of the globalist economy that they have designed, incubated and profited heavily from, for decades.

They’ve all been defeated by China, India and Russia at their own game. Now, these countries are poised to assert their rightful place under a multipolar world economic order that promotes creativity rather than the endless destruction of much older cultures.

Remember this day too, when the Prime Minister of Japan categorically disagrees against his US bosses’ position regarding the Iranian issue, and has demanded for more evidence about the recent false flag operation. [Which make us wonder why Ben Fulford dislikes Shinzō Abe.]

This unprecedented move by Japan only suggest that in the end, the Deep State will be defeated, but no thanks to Trump. He is deep in bed with them.

Trump is not the leader of the American Resistance against corporate tyranny that have plundered America, and the rest of the world, for a very long time.

The true American Resistance is consist of ordinary people, who are tirelessly spreading the truth around without expecting any form of compensation, because they know that they have to do it.

The rest is just false idolatry.

Eliminate the threat of cancer and cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal at the same time by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “Trump Throws Some WTC911 Bones to Distract US from Oman Gulf False Flag Failure”

  1. This article is such bullshit that it’s laughable. Pure bias speculation of far fetched ideas. Intent on smearing President Trump. Some folks just can’t stand all his winning, on so many levels! It’s so bad, the author won’t even put his name on it! What does that say!??

  2. It was the WHITE Supremest that carried out 9/11 in the FIRST place folks, so a to Stop NESARA/GESARA from being Enforced…PERIOD!
    So it IS withe ALL Evil going on “Managed” by the VATICAN and it’s “Corpses” (Dead Corporations)…AND…RELIGIONS.
    If anyone ever READ what was Supposed to happen when NESARA would be implemented WE would be living in the closessed thing to a PARADISE on this planet!
    BUT….White Supremacy NEVER actually wanted EQUALITY among the the races.
    THEY want to RULE over “Divine Providence’s Creations” (Satanic Rule)
    The principle method of this Rulership is to KEEP Everyone as DEBT Slaves and keeping them BUSY “Earning a Living” the was actually a DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT.
    Dumb EVERYONE down from CONNECTING with that “Birthright” planted right inside Our Brain (Pineal Gland)
    This is WHY the Vatican keeps a statue of this gland at the Site…TO RUB IN OUR FACES…UNDERSTAND ANYONE???
    White Supremacy is Destroying ITSELF, BECAUSE OF IT’S GIANT “EGO” PROBLEM…and will be ASSISTED to that End…VERY SOON.

      1. KEEP “That Opinion” and then WATCH Events in the time ahead…You will learn the VERY Hard TRUTH about this…WHITE SUPREMACY IS “ALIVE” AND THRIVING…FOR NOW.

      1. Sorry…BUT You have Everything “Bass-Ackwards” about race migration John P…the BLACK beings are the “First-Born” of “Human Creation”…The Whites “Migrated” to this planet LONG after the Blacks were already here for tens of 1000’s of years.
        MANY white scholars already KNOW about this BUT Created the biggest LIE in Universal REAL-Story to Hide the truth by creating THEIR version called “His-Story”.
        Besides, WE won’t have to worry about THEM being “Removed” Forever anyway, because That will be “Taken Cared of” Very Soon, by the “Return of the Black God’s, or the “Golden Race” beings…The Universe’s Original Prime Source Creators.
        Since the White Supremest want to live by their “Live and Let Die” code, instead of “Live and Let Live” they MUST be “Terminated” to Save this very Planet they are “Currently” attempting to destroy via “Perpetual Warfare” and “Exploitation”.

      2. OH, and I forgot to add…It was “White Supremacy” that CREATED the so-called “Migrant Crisis” by their political and economic practices’s, and “Invasive Tactics”..AND They are the “Minority” on this planet…Not the “Colord” race (90% colord…10% white)

  3. Living on plunder and destruction as the Jews do, they will get their war with Iran; Persia will be, must be, destroyed. Their Yinon planned hegemony over the Middle East, requires it. Their plundered US Tyranny wardog is capable of only one more war before they loose it on the American people. Iran is that war.

    Hold your children close, and your gun toting age children closer.

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

    1. a THIRD World War will NEVER be allowed…GET USED TO THAT “FACT”!
      Only a “Judgement” awaits those “Cosmic Criminals” responsible for the “Damage” they were “Allowed” to make happen to “Divine Cosmos’s First-born Hu-Woman/Man creation, of Fully “Melanin Beings”.
      It was “Written-in-Stone” a VERY Long time ago by SAMBO.

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