Here’s the latest update from the Keenan Group.

“Don’t think for one second that because you do not hear from me it means I have gone soft. Not at all!

What it means is that all the roads that have been blocked are no longer blocked. I have roads open now straight to the problems – and once we have arrived there, our problems become their problems.”

We have taken liberty to reduce the ambient noise of the latest videos from Neil for your listening pleasure…


What should one say when everything has already been said a thousand times or more? Get off the Sofa! Stop drinking beer! The RV is around the corner! (I told you it was not happening until much later).

First of all I would like to thank Steve, the Manager of the famous Indonesian restaurant called Bacco located in the Lotte Avenue Mall in Jakarta.

(We hope the background noise in the videos is not too bad).

The “Pope” is not a Pope he is a vicious Jesuit, or much worse – the Anti Christ? Or even better; that hormonal idiot of a President of the United States is the Anti Christ less steroids (ha ha).

It has all been said from Chemtrails to HAARP, Vaccines, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s etc…

We have people supporting a Pope (fake) that has stated that Jesus Christ and the Bible are both lies. My only question is, if that is so then why have the Jesuits been promoting the Bible and Jesus for who knows how long?  It was not just the Illuminati doing so, and here they are trying to sell us a bill of goods in which we have to pick our poison – or do we?

I feel it in my bones and I am proud to say “they” are slowly falling apart. Piece by piece, bit by bit, you can see their false façade melting. When one clearly sees such a thing – how can the bloggers state that it is inevitable there will be a New World Order in place soon?

How could that be, when we have not even begun to fight yet? What will happen when we finally decide enough is enough, take the bull by the horns and no longer allow them to poison us or hurt us any further?

We are not losing, although we are allowing them to push us around, or so it would seem. We are allowing them to crap on us – but we know that what they hurl at us now will be returned by us upon them tenfold.

I say this from my experience here. I am on the ground and I know what can be done once we open the door. Once opened it will not be possible to close that door!

Don’t think for one second that because you do not hear from me it means I have gone soft. Not at all!

What it means is that all the roads that have been blocked are no longer blocked. I have roads open now straight to the problems – and once we have arrived there, our problems become their problems.

The blocks are gone; OITC, OPPT, Swiss Indo, Red Dragons etc… All phonies or shills working for the Cabal – all taken down by the small group that is Group K.

We have fought directly with the principals as well. You see, the answer is not in beating those working for the Rothchilds, or Rockefeller’s etc; the answer is in beating them directly.

We need to change our approach and go directly towards the source. I know they fear us just by the amount of homes and property being bought in far away places such as New Zealand. Costa Rica, once one of their hangouts is now considered too close to the States for them to be safe.

These are their ‘getaway locations’. They are planning to run and run far, far away from the United States.

Then again once this is over with there will be no place that is far away enough. We will go after them, find them and bring them to justice swiftly.

What I am trying to say is we are looking at the End Game in the very near future. And we are the winners, yet it is still possible we could lose, should many maintain their positions as sheeple. Then again there should be enough of us to get this thing over with once and for all.

I don’t want to sit here narrating what is happening. Let the bloggers do this. I want to take this directly to them and give them a real beating.

You know who they are as well as I do so let’s all together give them the beating of their sorry non-existent lives, and then move on and begin living ours for the very first time.

Imagine the feeling we will have after tossing them to the garbage cans, knowing we can do what we please without concerns about their archaic rules of law etc..

Imagine the comfort of knowing there will be no more wars, or at least wars without our participation.  So this is it or as they say “THE LAST HURRAH”.

Victors we will be – and to take a page out of the Rothschild book we all know that ‘TO THE VICTORS BELONG THE SPOILS’.

If such then let’s just bottle them all up in FEMA Camps, and mosey on with our lives.

We all have so much to do!  Let’s make our dreams come true….

As JFK said “Give me liberty or give me death”. We can pick up where he left off and achieve the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.

Before signing off I must state that I believe our new world will be a great one, one where smiles will be once again seen on the faces of old and young alike! I cannot wait.

So keep your head up, don’t let it hang down, and stay strong throughout this coming storm. And know that this is our time, our arrival, and needless to say “out with the old and in with the new”. God Bless us all and let it begin… I am with you!

You must know it and feel it.  You can feel your blood pulsing through your body, your adrenalin keeping you on the edge of your seat. And most of all, the tears ready to flow in a victorious feeling unbeknownst to mankind.  We are all one.

From one corner of the Globe to the other and guess what ‘WE WILL BE THE NEW WORLD ORDER’ –  WE, the People… This I believe!!

God Bless us all from one nation to the next and for those in America who have lost their way, I have something special for you so get up and sing it out loud and get mad… Get real mad… And then let it all focus into determination and “Get ‘er done”.

Just remember it is not over till the fat lady sings and she has not even begun to warble so how can this be over with?  Hell we have not yet begun to fight…

Video Part One

Video Part Two

Video Part Three

Upon winning this battle we plan on holding a celebratory party right here at Bacco.

Thanks to the staff at Bacco for inviting us and putting up with us as we filmed there.

Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

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6 thoughts on “IT’S ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING – Keenan”

  1. Enough is Enough,… Whenever we can see clearly any of these in the MSM, that would show progress: Cabal’s arrest including politicians, chemtrails stop, the UN gets either dismantled or everyone replaced, all current US gov officials get replaced, all dual citizen officials deported, executive orders & secret treaties get nullified, all unconstitutional laws get nullified, full constitution restored including 2nd amendment to legally carry w/o permit, depopulation agenda gets exposed on MSM, including the deadly vaccinations, GMO manipulation & Monsanto stopped, fluoride & all other toxins get removed from the water supply,… Otherwise,… you are just saying,… & the NWO is still progressing.

    1. And that’s,… illegal, fraudulent debt. So anyone who insinuates to pay them back their debt is thus contributing to the crime,…

  2. With all due respect to christians I have read plenty on the history of jesus and it seems suspect. The pope is likely walking on eggshells trying to prevent his murder. An airforce operative interviewing Billy Meier stated his ET contacts explained to Billy about John Pauls I murder by poison the night of.
    I hope all this occurs, America has become a hellhole.

  3. Is his “blogger” comment towards Ben Fulford? TBH, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyone can be a disinfo agent, even this keenan guy.

  4. The Pope may have been trying to say the word “jesus” really isn’t the proper name of God’s first begotten Son. The people spoke greek during Jesus’ day.It would naturally be a hebrew or isrealite title, couched in the language of the time, greek. this greek interpretation of the name of the most important man in the bible would next have to be transliterated into english. whew! so, well the “Pope” should of said exactly what I just did if he wanted to guide the people. O well, a house painter just schooled the “pope” on how to pope some shit. as far as the bible being a lie , no , but there are lies in the bible. The word “jew” appears so many times in both the old and new you’d think they had a monopoly on brainwashing . it’s supposed to be Judeans, or judah. not jews. other deliberate mistakes are made throughout the masoretic “mess” your best bet is cancel everything, and learn greek. next buy yourself a septuagint old testament and a greek new testament. now you can start the long process of learning everything over! the masoretic text is for church kikes! do you want a guy teaching you about jesus that likes to kill jesus? so, never use the king james bible or any thing that uses the masoretic text. and church people, btw never have anything to do with jews , thats all ya hafta do.

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