Trump Crosses Red Line on Jerusalem

President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is not only a clear violation of international law, but a moral outrage when it comes to its contempt for and violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Under the stewardship of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has embraced with unfailing ardor a rejectionist stance on Palestinian statehood. He knows peace, a viable peace, cannot exist and will never exist unless justice for the Palestinians is placed at its heart.

Hitherto the Israeli prime minister stood isolated in his obduracy, but now with Trump in the White House his greatest dream has come true in the form of a willing partner in his refusal to depart as much as an inch from his embrace of Israeli exceptionalism and belief Israel’s right to the land of Palestine is inviolate. In service to this position Netanyahu has made clear there no price should not be paid, up to and including war, when it comes to asserting this right.

Of course, Israel had no such right to Palestinian land and never has — unless, that is, religious and biblical obscurantism is the kernel of international law and diplomacy in the 21st century.

Jerusalem is unequivocally and indisputably a part of occupied Palestine, and adjudged such by both the General Assembly and Security Council of the United Nations. It also constitutes a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention, specifically Article 49 concerning forced transfer and deportations of civilians out of an occupied territory, and transfer of its own civilians into said occupied territory.

So the violation of international law reflected in the assumption of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is clear and inarguable, just as it has been over its decades-long occupation of Palestinian land. What has been lacking, and grievously, throughout this time is the requisite will on the part of the international community to take serious measures by which to compel Israel to conform to its obligations under international law as a UN member state.

The only reason Israel has been able to continue to flout those obligations is its longstanding alliance with the US, providing it with unparalleled military, financial, and military support. The bond which the political establishments of both countries share is long and, in the inimitable words of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama, “unbreakable.”

The point surely though is no one is asking or expecting it to be broken. All people who are of goodwill expect, and are entitled to expect, is Washington — with the extirpation of its own indigenous population as part of its history in mind — stand on the side of international law (the operative word here being ‘international’) instead of being complicit in its breach, as it has been and continues to be when it comes to its support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Trump’s recklessness and disregard for the craft of diplomacy has once again thrown a metaphoric hand grenade into the midst of an issue and region needing another incendiary development like a malnourished man needs a diet. Does the current US president think this is a game? Does he understand he’s supposed to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world and not starring in an episode of The Sopranos?

The barrage of criticism directed at this development from across the world tells its own story. It is a development which constitutes, undeniably, the final nail in the coffin of the Middle East  peace process, pushing the Palestinians down the path towards physical resistance in the form of a third intifada as a consequence.

Who could possibly blame them? Decades spent existing under the brute heel of occupation in the West Bank — where Jewish only settlements, again entirely illegal, have expanded and continue to spread, where hundreds of checkpoints are a daily reminder of their subjugation and degradation, occupied land the natural resources of which have and continue to be expropriated — can only but leave a sour taste.

Meanwhile, Gaza continues to exist under a siege amounting to collective punishment, one evincing no sign of abating anytime soon. Taken together, it’s as if the Israeli government under Netanyahu’s leadership is conducting a mass experiment in human despair.

Ironically, such a brazen move by Trump, with the fulsome support and delight of his Israeli counterpart, can only weaken rather than increase Israel’s security. It will serve to marginalize moderate Palestinian voices and allow more radical ones to come to the fore, able to point to this measure as irrefutable evidence of the futility of a diplomatic solution to the crisis, attracting support for their belief in resistance by any means necessary, including, as mentioned, physical resistance.

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion Trump’s understanding of the Middle East, with all its complexities, is of insufficient breadth to fit on the back of a postage stamp. And while some may be tempted to ascribe to the 45th president the withering verdict of one of his predecessors, Lyndon Johnson — i.e. so dumb he can’t fart and chew gum at the same time — what we are dealing with is more serious than merely a question of intellect. Indeed, Donald Trump is far from stupid.

No, here what we are dealing with is a question of ethics — or to be more accurate, a lack of ethics. As such, it is exactly as the French philosopher and writer Albert Camus said: “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.”

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32 thoughts on “Trump Crosses Red Line on Jerusalem”

      1. good little video, boy he loves hellery doesn’t he.. really.. all in it together, all bread and circus.

  1. “Palestine” is a Roman-era fiction specifically intended to insult the Hebrews. Israel, Jerusalem, land out across Jordan, part of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq all belong to the Hebrews. It was given by Yahuah (called “God”) “forever”, according to Holy Scripture. All of Israel and much, much more belongs to the Hebrews. A fight, naturally, takes place over that land and will climax soon. Israel will be defeated, but Yahuah will immediately destroy the enemies of Israel and implement His governance upon the earth, restoring Israel as His seat of leadership. Most of us will miss this, as 3 billion (B) people are anticipated to die in these final years.

    1. “Israel” of the O.T. does not coincide with “Israel” of the N.T. Whether the interpretation presented accurately predicts the future remains to be seen.
      The billions who will be killed is probably accurate, due to the Apartheid of the Khazarians, who have used nuclear devices secretively, since 1967, until publicly revealed by Mordecai Vanunu in 1984.
      The “Samson Option” of the Khazarian imposters who occupy the fraudulent territory of “Israel” reflects their ultimate APARTHEID plan of destruction of all non-Khazarians, who are termed Goyim or Gentiles.

      1. So true…but most can’t comprehend that the Khazsrian/Ashke(nazi’s) are not really decanters from the house of Israel…they are jews…an have supplanted their factitious state of Israel as the conner stone of NWO take over via the Talmud (a racist book). Even though I see this as fact…in the present state of affairs…I support Trump…if we were are really gong to be true to the truth..we as the US would pull out of the UN…which was setup to begin with to provide the Khazsrian’s with a base of operations that they as Nazi’s could co-op out of the hands of the indigenous people there…and confine them to a concentration camp in the desert!…no different then the ones in Nazi Germany (just less PR)…Hebrew and Israeli in this modern age are two different people and culture.
        Trump pushing the envelope on this question…is a good thing IMO. For now we can all “shit or get off the pot”…let Israel fend for itself against the people they have brutalized in the process of their self-righteous suffering. The UN is a false construct which, if we continue with the rest of their collectivist agendas … we will only go toward our own destruction of National Sovereignty. Sometimes it better to light the fuse so the fireworks can explode the real underlining issues of the Middle East. The false Idea that we can have peace without “fireworks” only covers the misdeeds done…and nothing changes in that darkness. Let the light of truth begin to change our world for the better by unmasking all deliberate Authoritarian rule.

    2. The problem is there are no identifiable Hebrew people remaining in the world and the Israelis are not the Israelites. The Israelis should not be in the Middle East. You should be more circumspect when quoting the Bible and Biblical prophecy.

      1. @Brian
        That’s because as foretold in the bible, the REAL Hebrews would NOT be there when world events start to change for OUR better…You will LOVE viewing THIS video: “Out of Darkness” on YouTube (226Mins)

        The REAL Jews are ALL from the Black Race…There is MASSIVE Proof on line about this…Search subject…The Real Jews/Original Hebrews/ Israelites and you will SEE Many hours on this ubject.

  2. Until the REAL Jews a identified (Black race) there will NEVER be any peace for mankind. All one has to SEE is WHAT these FAKE Jews record of global abuse has been and know they DO NOT fit the prophecies outlined in the bible about about them.
    This nation is being made up largely ZIONIST converts (Mostly Khazarian) NOT made up from the ORIGINAL Jews (BLACK Race) Who once lived there.
    What is there NOW are FAKES described at Revelation 2:9 in the bible, and until REAL TRUTH exposes these fakes the foretold “Blessing for ALL mankind” as prophecied in bible will not happen.
    President Chrumps whole cabinet is LOADED with FAKE JEWS!

  3. Although the comments are varied, and disparate, including the bi-partisan “Black Jews” idea, the thrust of the article enables are relatively clear perspective

    For instance, Black Jews were, if anything, a later addition to the “claim game”. Semetic people could not biologically speaking, be related to Old Testament, or for that matter, New Testament Mediteranean/North African types.

    The true Jews were dispersed, and mi ngled eventually, with other human races and cultures, and thus, the current malaise is fermented by a rabble of loosely related, criminal horde of tax-collectors and “coin-clippers” from the East.

    1. @Ironkraft
      YOU are in for a HUGE shock if you believe the REAL (Black Jews) were ADDED later…In your last paragraph post you hit on a VERY BIG clue WHAT happened to THEM, Quote: The TRUE Jews were DISPERSED
      Watch THIS:
      Even a simple search of the bible gives proof, that they HAD to have been BLACK people.

  4. “Israeli exceptionalism” lol. more like ‘israeli socialism’: a never ending credit card for jews, all paid for by goyims, all criticism outlawed as “hatespeech” = JEWISH SUPREMACY. The Kosher Nostra, and a population of spineless losers living off handouts and media lies instead of daring to stand up to the elephant in the room with a giant 6 pointed star on its fat ass.

  5. Trump shows his disregard for the rule of law with his Jerusalem proclamation as well as with his inaction in restoring the rule of law in his own country. If all he is going to do is let the rogue deep state continue to rule over America and America’s foreign policy, he may as well just pack up his gear and go back to New York, sooner rather than later.

  6. Reblogged this on Puppet Master's Slave Market and commented:
    At the risk of being a Trump apologist, I offer the following for contacting sideration. IF, US marines as embassy guards in the Holy City conjure the rebirth of the Knights Templar, and Trump as the Grand Master. Duty is to protect Christians (historically). A one state solution would offer ALL EQUAL CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS AND BENEFITS, PALESTINIANS AND CHRISTIANS ALIKE. NO MORE APARTHEID. Another observation, if the reader Khazarians are really being rounded up and their terror empire exposed, what better power play than to let the TROJAN HORSE of direct US MILITARY troops on ground to take out the NETANYAHU FACTION. ?

    1. American forces were intended to protect the U.S. from foreign aggression.
      The American military was not intended to engage in either propaganda or religious wars for the benefit of any religion.

      1. Quite right, they were taken over by the Banking Dynasties and made into corporate mercenary expeditionary enforcers. The neocolonial Imperialism and resource extraction and looting policies have endured since the rotisserie Empire, we are the extension of global royal power.

      2. They have done on many occasions and will continue to do so in a even greater acts of even the imprisonment of the American people. The unfolding has begun.

  7. I guess Trump is really just bringing all the unspoken stuff out into the open. The main obstacle to peace in the Middle East is the very existence of Israel. The existence of Israel was brought, about and has been maintained, by the United States for its own strategic and economic ends. So let’s not blame the Big DT. Let’s see the problem for what it really is.

    1. Brought about by the UK, it was the UK’s permission( amazingly ) that was sought for this state of Israel to be realised. This was due to pressure by the Rothschild family and one of the conditions that needed to be met before the USA entered WWII.

      1. @shapiemau
        To add to WHY Trump is a NWO puppet…Live from Australia!!!
        Try THIS link about “Trump IS the Swamp”

        The FAKE JEWS are getting desperate about ALL their LIES…No worry…REAL TRUTH, ALWAYS “FLOATS” TO THE TOP…Like Oil does over Water..NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT IS “WHIPPED”!

      1. That’s OBVIOUSLY, because ‘Somebody” doesn’t want the TRUTH just do a Search for: “Trump is the Swamp” or “Who are the Real Israelites/Jews”…be prepared to spend DAYS trying to cover it, as I have (56 Hours so far!!!)…SHOCKING STUFF…I never even believed before, for over 50 years!!!

  8. MOST of the REAL Truth about the ALL forms of “Government/Religion” can be found at:
    Go THERE and learn HOW both Government and Religion “Tricked” MOST mankind into buying into BOTH…The site is LOADED with info and video on the subject…Just AMAZING stuff there Folks!!!

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