Trump’s Presidency is Just A Nut Job for Preserving the Status Quo

We would have liked it to see the US President Donald Trump succeeds in all his initiatives inside and outside of the country. But with more than 2 years in office, one can legitimately ask, what has been accomplished so far, and where is America going to?

It is not so crazy to say that Trump is not in complete control of the White House. What is sad about it is that his support base has already accepted that fact and all they can do is to “trust the plan.”

So, what was the plan?

  • To gather enough evidence to indict and arrest all known Deep State actors starting from the last administration downwards;
  • To neutralize the bankers and establish a new American currency that is not debt-denominated and implement the NESARA  or is it GESARA now?] programs;
  • To end all wars abroad, bring troops home and transform the Pentagon and the military industrial complex into a space exploration industry;

Of the three objectives, where are we now?

Trump is supposedly a corporate executive that knows about the value of properly allocating time and resources to accomplish a certain task, and objectives. But he keeps talking about the wall that will separate the real Americans from doing what they always do since the pre-colonial times.

For those who have been with us very early on, we’ve been monitoring all the covert geopolitical developments since 2005, and it was only in 2007 when things have gotten off-ground, when the Asian brotherhood committed itself to not work with the Western criminal cabal, no more.

The decoupling of the Asian Underground started when they have detected the deliberate effort to annihilate the Asian genome through the SARS virus, which was then followed years later by the efforts to eliminate the population of America with H1N1 strains.

Another virus, the Dengue virus, has also hit the Philippine via Sanofi’s Dengvaxia mass vaccinations of a million schoolchildren and adults mostly in the government sector, in 2016. More than 600 children have already died, according to multiple independent reports. We suspect that the figures don’t include those who didn’t see the value of reporting their deaths to the authorities.

Before that, several bioweapon attacks were also lodged against Latin America with the Zika virus, as patented by the Rockefeller Foundation, and Africa using the Ebola virus, as patented by the CDC.

Of all these events, only the collaborative efforts of the Russia-Iran-China Alliance, MCIS, Eurasia Economic Cooperation, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN and the China-led Belt and Road Initiative are the readily verifiable actions towards to neutralization of the Deep State’s near absolute economic and military power.

No bankers, high profile pedophile, or a known genocidalist, has ever been indicted and incarcerated. The Bushes are still in their castles. On the contrary, hundreds of whistleblowers are themselves put behind bars for talking with authority about the abuses in the CIA and Pentagon.

What we see instead is an endless reality TV like powerplay in DC, which is not completely surprising. After all, the man in the White House is a master of it.

Fortunately for all of us, the Alliance has already accepted the true nature of their counterparts in the West, and they are moving on at dizzying pace in transforming the planet into a better one.

In the Bloomberg documentary video below, we can see how the Chinese people is supplanting the Silicon Valley profit-based endeavors.

We can have and endless debate about the “social credit system” of China as dystopic, or not, but in science and technology, it’s all about the real objectives of why it is being used.

For example, the nuclear technology is being used in America more in the area of warfare than in generating free energy for the entire population, in spite of MIT’s highly advanced thorium-based nuclear technology. There was also the cold fusion experiments of Pons, et al.

Whereas, in China, the social credit system is forcing the population to discipline themselves or suffer the consequences, which are not lethal to begin with. We believe that this is a sound compromise between crafting more laws that cannot be properly implemented due to the sheer size of their population, and the constant problem of police corruption.

Non-lethal consequences include: non-being able to ride the mass transit system, not being able to enter a restaurant, or any places where society converge. In short, you will be in your virtual house arrest for some time if you do not behave properly. This has been the strict Chinese culture before the entry of the Europeans.

On the other hand, China has also successfully prosecuted erring private and public individuals for corruption and scandals. These includes bankers, politicians, manufacturers of toxic contaminated food products, etc. All government officials are also required to make a trip to the national penitentiary and be able to talk to high-profile convicts, as a form of deterrence.

All of these practical, non-aggressive Chinese measures to put their citizens in line are not usually being talked about in the Western media without labeling it as dystopia. If that is all dystopic for the West, then maybe that explains why high-profile criminality and the criminal cabal will remain in power for the next generations to come.

The People’s Republic of China is not the Khazarian-controlled United States, Inc. The leaders of China are not picked up from Ivy league Yale University, or Harvard. They are sent to the countryside to experience the life of the least of their people.

The Americans are not in control of the White House, nor is Trump in control of his own administration. He didn’t chose his cabinet team to help him fulfill his campaign promises.

It is the Deep State that prepared everything, i.e. the script and the supporting actors, he can play with, just to maintain the status quo of two-party squabbles, war mongering versus independent states like Iran for the military arms industry and Jesuit central bank, forced vaccinations to feed Big Pharma’s ever-growing cancer industry, and nothing more.

He knows about the pressure of the military industrial complex on his government, yet he’s not doing anything about it.

The worse part is, even the American public are also aware about where the unexplained $21 trillion Pentagon budget has gone to, and yet they are not willing to do anything about it anyway.

Donald Trump is intellectually impotent. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and where America should be going in light of the rest of the world moving ahead with multipolarity.

Otherwise, he could have done it Duterte-style because the total neutralization of the Deep State machinery is, first and foremost, what the public wants and truly deserve. Trump foolishly thinks that his most favorite weapon against the Deep State, i.e. Twitter, will work in the end.

In contrast, Duterte have decimated the most active CIA-controlled drug and terror enterprise in Southeast Asia in just a little more than a year.

The funny thing about Trump’s admission regarding the military industrial complex influence in the crafting of US foreign policy will make a lot of “conspiracy theorists” happy, but mere affirmation accomplishes nothing.

At most, what he’s doing is just playing Pontius Pilate after having lost the trade war with China, and failed regime change attempts in Venezuela and Iran.

His virtual admission of his incapacity to deal with the arms industry is a gross betrayal to the Constitution that he’s sworn to uphold and to all of the people of the US that he’s sworn to protect.

The war against the Deep State, if any of that sort ever exist in the US, must be relentless and decisive. He is supposed to give his own life for it.

Land of the free, and home of the brave — what a travesty of the highest order!

The only factor that will keep Trump in office past this term will be the inability of the Democrats to field a charismatic candidate in 2020, coupled with the inability of the population to assess his actions and that of his administration in the most objective and intelligent manner.

Not accepting this reality, or doing something to correct it, is a great disservice to the next generations of Americans.

Whatever the case may be, the rest of the world will move on.

Eliminate the threat of cancer by boycotting Big Pharma for good to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal.

6 thoughts on “Trump’s Presidency is Just A Nut Job for Preserving the Status Quo”

  1. This artical is complete crap in so many ways only the completely brainwashed could consider it anything other than a very misleading hitjob by the deep state.

  2. There are some very good points made in this article about “Why” nothing has changed since Trump took office…”but”…The “Real Truth” about “Why” nothing has changed even though “promisses” are made, goes way back to “Humanity’s” Real “First-born” creation who were “Not” white men.
    First there needs to be research about the “Real-Story” about “Humanity’s” origins and their “Civilizations”.
    Who started the “First” civilization on earth, because it was “Not” the white man (Man-Kind)

    His version of who it was is called “His-story”, witch is “Not” truthful at all…period!
    The “Fact” is the “White race” has always been attempting to “Hide” and “Assume” the “Identity” of the “First-born” of Humanity…The “Melanin Beings” (Black race people)
    They are attempting to “Redefine God” ( by creation of a “False” narrative about the origins of civilization on this planet…”Understand”???
    This is the “Principal Reason” why those that “Believe” in ‘White Supremacy” will “Never” change a damned thing on this planet.
    By attempting to change the “Real Truth” about this subject, they are “Exposing” themselves as being the “Luciferian/Satanist” creators of this false God (White Version)
    Much of this world is “Awakening” to this false narrative called “His-Story”.
    If one ventures into looking into their website “” they will “See” this is true…even down to attempting to use their “Hidden technologies” to fake a “Returning of the Christ” in the sky around the entire world.
    As long as people keep “Believing” that “God” is a White man, and “White Supremacy” they will never see the truth.
    Fortunately the “Return of the Golden race” creators will further expose “Real Truth” and make needed “Changes”.
    Two books that truly expose ‘What” religion is and “Who” created it are:
    1: The historical origin of Christianity
    2: The historical origins of Islam
    There is much more and extensive info also available on line and in book stores too.
    ALL “Civilization” was “Birthed” in “Africa”…Period.

  3. As I said in 2016: “Trump’s just another of the Jew fifth-column’s puppets. Nothing will change, but will continue to get worse, the lies grow bigger, and the opposite of his promises accomplished.” 3 for 3.

    If one is over, say, 25, and still putting personal stock in propaganda fairy tales, they need to have a serious talk with the guy in the mirror and turn their disabled thinking back on.

    BTW: Those groping for understanding of what is going on would be wise to read the Jew fifth-column’s operations manual, the Protocols.

    “Ignorance is Strength.” I’m weak.

  4. In the US, there is only one way to accomplish the three main goals stated in the beginning of the article “Duterte-style”: martial law. This would inevitably lead to regional conflict, which has the danger of leading to full-scale civil war due to open borders. At some point, foreign influence is assured, so that the rest of the world can get its piece of the pie before the dust settles.

    How does the author otherwise propose the cleansing of the Deep State? Is the author suggesting the cure is worse than the disease? And, what solutions does the author have that do not involve societal breakdown and bloodshed?

    The article’s main point is correct, Trump has not delivered. The question remaining: is he finished?

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