A Brave New World

The previous week was full of many milestones:

Cyprus Revolution in the Making

In a rare display of Cypriot patriotism the citizens and legislators turned down the deceptive bailout package offered by the cabalists. This may led to a formal declaration of default in a matter of days. Are they learning from and following the footsteps of the Icelandic Experience?

The attempt to tax a lifetime of hard-earned savings to feed the Ponzi Scheme known as banking is abominable. A legalized form of robbery of the grandest scale by the government, that’s what it really is.

The latest courageous action by the Cypriots must be sustained and replicated worldwide.

Get All Money Out from Western Banks Now!

The Russians are warning everyone to get all money out of Western Banks right now before it’s too late.

get all money now

Nazionist Are Defeated but Not Eliminated Yet

Palestine is now saying that there’s no need for intifada. The corporate United Nations overwhelmingly voted for the recognition of the State of Palestine to stay relevant.

Karzai is also implicating the US Special Ops of murder and torture among Afghanistan civilians, and further accused the CIA to be in collusion with the Taliban. Yeah, alternative news always takes time to be confirmed by mainstream mouthpieces and government officials, i.e. when the collateral damage is already sky high.

The Zionists maybe taking a backseat in Israel and Vatican is humbling itself in the midst of global exposures of its involvement in money laundering, pedophilia, genocide and Satanism, but they are never eliminated, just not yet.

In fact, their recent defensive stance should be considered a potent repositioning of their arsenal that resides mainly in the hearts and minds of the Faithfuls. Unless the myth is completely shattered to make way for the Whole Truth, these Sheeples will continue to feed the parasites now projecting a deceptive docile to dormant posture.

Be careful though, as the myth is so big, it would take every Awakened Soul to tear it down by spreading the real story of how we were all duped into total submission, or so they thought.

The Russians’ aggressive broadcasting of the truth in the financial sector through the release of the English subtitled Financial Tyranny should raise the level of awareness of the masses, the same victims of financial oppression that swept the entire globe. This is only the first step. We must post this video in all fora we have access to. That’s the least we can do.

Note: When watching the video below, please click on the CC button for the English subtitles.

Major Military Organizations Are Transforming

When was the last time that a military organization abandons a major component of its defense system?

The US military is said to be just diverting its attention to North Korea, but this is just a farce. We should know by now that the aggressive stance of North Koreans then was just to serve the Cabalists’ appetite for fear mongering. And now that the Cabalists are gradually neutralized, the North Korean Threat is only meant as a bargaining chip for a bigger piece of the pie called the Collateral Accounts.

On the other hand, Pentagon needs to explain to its stakeholders, e.g. military industrial complex and the men on the ground, why there’s a need to trim down its force with subtlety as it embraces the prevailing realities of massive global awakening. They need to explain that a missile shield is totally useless by saying that the whole plan is flawed to begin with.

Meanwhile, the Russians are also planning to avoid physical contact during actual combats. What the Russian management is virtually saying is that the Russian military personnel could soon stay at home while machines take care of the border security.

China, for her part, is aiming for leaner government and a Chinese Great Renaissance. To understand what these statements really mean is to look back at the Chinese cultural and scientific contributions to the world as showcased during the August 8, 2008 Olympics.

Are we seeing Fulford confirmations in the making, i.e. the military in China, Russia, and US are collaborating for a smooth “swords to ploughshares” transition?

Humanitarian Packages Will Be Released Soon

There are those ancient organizations that have explored the essence of wisdom a long time ago. Confucious, in his own capacity, set the foundation of proper behavior in one short line…

"Don't do to others what you don't want to be done unto you."

However, there are those who took a proactive stance by engaging the whole of humanity to preserve itself.

To seal the fate of the Usurpers to the Divine, the people must be empowered economically so that the rest of us who don’t have the time and can’t afford access to the Truth that is only available through The Web will finally see it.

Neil Keenan has been given full authority to reclaim the Collateral Accounts for purposes of uplifting the worsening conditions of so many people worldwide. Global poverty, it was said, can be totally eliminated in just three short months once the issue of jurisdiction related to the filing of the lawsuit against the Cabal, that will trigger the release of these massive funds from the Collateral Accounts, is finally resolved, as it is now in the process of being.

“Everything we had to do is now done… these, the problems, should be over with…

Let me tell you, I can’t wait with… Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, any country. The United States, we know needs help and I’m not excluding them, I’m just right now talking about Europe. You know over here, I think it’s the worst shape, I don’t know.

But you’re gonna have your humanitarian package shortly. And so, we’ll be doing that for you. Also, in Europe, we’ll be ok.

Ireland, don’t worry. 42% of the bails[?] in Europe excludes you. We’ll straighten that out for you very soon.

Greece, you need all the help you can get, so we’re gonna be there for you, too.

Bulgaria, I’m living there… I know how much our puny… poor politicians… I live for you… that way you can lead a life that you should be livin’.

And everyone else in the world, don’t worry, it’s not a one-country thing, it’s the world. We’re gonna take care of it. Somebody does. At least, we are trying to take care of it… nobody else… everybody else is talking…”

– Neil Keenan

How Justice Be Served?

Each of us has our own view of how to deal with the Cabalists when all of them are finally arrested in full public view. Shall we forgive them and forget what we’ve gone through? How do we extract justice from all the evils that have been done without becoming evil ourselves?

The truth must be told directly from the mouth of the sinners themselves. After which, they must live the way we have lived, i.e. they must endure the harsh conditions of being with limited means and opportunities. They must toil as we did. They must understand where we have been before they could be reintegrated to the new society.

The worst of their kind should be put in a capsule and sent to the center of the sun for their complete physical and spiritual decomposition.

A Brave New World

This latest attempt to rob the people of Cyprus of their hard-earned savings by the interlinked and hierarchical governments that are presumed to serve us only shows how dysfunctional the whole system really is.

The question right now is for what we need a government for. It seems pretty obvious that, right now, most governments around the world are not really serving the interests of its people. So why are we still keeping our faith to the system?

We used to view the world and its established systems as the normal course of things. That we must pay for a government that ensures peace and order. That bank must earn interest to keep it afloat. That we must go to school to learn and get a proper education. That we have to work hard to make it to the world.

That we must subscribe to one religion or another to enhance our knowledge on spirituality. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Now, we know that those, who for thousands of years, are pretending to represent God Almighty yet are exercising all that Evil represents.

Now, we are beginning to understand that the only way to spirituality is through Science anchored on Universal Truth and the immutable Laws of Nature. Idolatry in all its forms will vanish in favor of self-empowerment through the accumulation of scientific facts about the truth of our being.

That we don’t need to work hard in order to live, but must use machines with embedded artificial intelligence to work for us. In so doing, we will have more time for living and understanding the true essence of Spirituality.

That we can make the internet as the ultimate repository and resource for which unrestricted human knowledge can be obtained.

That through unhampered access to knowledge of relevant technologies, we won’t even need to use any form of currency for satisfying our basic needs like food, healing and energy can be made free.

That, in the end, we don’t need a third entity to govern us for we will begin to govern ourselves, each and every one of us, when we fully understood the Science of Oneness of everything there is and will be.

The healthy sharing of unimpeachable ideas and knowledge across the internet is making all of these things happen. No longer will a secret be used as a source of power over another.

It will be that true power is gained from the unsolicited respect of one’s peers after they are convinced of the immense value of one’s contribution to the advancement of the collective.

The new source of pride is when you think you have made a contribution in areas requiring boldness, grace and wisdom instead of the shallow and shrewd misapplication of the intellect.

Living on this small blue planet will assume a different meaning. Other worthy pursuits beside art and science will soon be discovered as the mind is freed from the preoccupation of surviving. Verily, each one of us will begin thinking for the advantage of the other, because not doing to others the things that we don’t want to be done unto us is simply not enough.

The survival of the fittest will be supplanted with the preservation of all that Mother Nature creates and provides. Self-preservation will become an outdated norm in favor of the preservation of mutual interests. There will be a proactive stance in the assertion and preservation of inherent rights among men and of all members of the entire biosphere.

Our common desire to live in peace and harmony should serve as the impetus and the fulcrum by which we conduct order and proper behavior in our daily intercourse with society.

This is how the Meek will inherit the Earth…


We are fully indebted to the following who gave their support for the month of March 2013:

Clark M, $10
Pamela F, $100
Barn L, $15
John H, $10
Bethane OC, $5
David B, $2
Pinnacle W, $15
Randy R, $12
Karin U, $49.95
David M, $1
Giancarlo F, $10
Gail G, $49.95
Les B, $9
Tony A, $20
John A, $5
Miko N, $15
Sandra P, $30
Kathleen QW, $20
Eileen F, $10
Tom S, $100
Russell D, $20
Johan S, $10

Thank you very much!

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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